5 Habits of the Most Productive Businesspeople

Unlike what most might assume, being productive and successful is not attributable to one’s intellect or ability. Productivity is simply the habit of choosing certain acts over others, so you make the most of every day. If you are ready to introduce the world to your break-out business concept, follow these steps to ensure you will be a successful entrepreneur who is here to stay.

  • Have a vision. Business is a big world. You must know where you’re going and exactly what you want to do. Find out what drives you, and use that to inspire your company trajectory.
  • Set timelines. Without a timeline, work that should take one day can drag on over the course of two weeks. The habit of setting timelines makes you intentional, paving the way for completion and barring the way to procrastination. Stick to a business timeline, both short-term and long-term, and celebrate each accomplishment.
  • Be organized. In addition to establishing a clear timeline, make sure you do not get bogged down in an unorganized environment. Establish a filing system, delegate the distracting tasks and make use of the latest technology to keep your business moving. Metro Offices has a full complement of business support services, including Washington DC meeting rooms, to help you.
  • Surround yourself with the right team. As you take on employees or network with potential connections, join forces with those who are likewise focused on success. This does not mean to build a team of “yes men” who always share your opinion. Be willing to consider differing perspectives that might expand your thinking and increase the reach of your business.
  • Choose the best location. A home office is not always the place for you and your new business to flourish. Metro Offices offers flexible workspace solutions to help you work more effectively. Each of our Metro DC locations helps you to establish a reputation with a prestigious address and a built-in business support team, for a very affordable cost.

The most productive entrepreneurs don’t spend their time stuck in busy work. With vision, organization and the right team, you are ready to aim high and fly free – and Metro Offices is ready to help you take your business to the next level. For virtual office solutions or questions regarding an office space in Washington, DC, Virginia or Maryland, simply click or call us today at (877) 842-6999.

Escape Office Space in Chevy Chase – Fun Summer Activities in Maryland

The summer months evoke images of ice cream dripping down cones onto sticky hands, splashing in warm ocean waves as sailboats drift by on the horizon, and barbeques with friends that extend well into the nighttime.

When it’s time to break away from the daily grind and escape your Chevy Chase office space, where can you go? If you live in Maryland and are looking for fun weekend plans, check out the suggestions below.

Visit the Eastern Shore

This is a great summer destination for those of you in the Maryland area. The peninsula extends for a couple hundred miles between Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. All of that shoreline means countless beaches, waterfront festivals, seafood festivals, regattas and boat races, and fishing and swimming to partake in. Visit the quaint towns for a dose of history, dine on crab in charming seaside restaurants, and grab a cocktail and watch a regatta or boat show.

Enjoy the city life of Baltimore

Baltimore will host festivals and concerts all summer long. Consider checking out the Inner Harbor Art Festival in August. It’s a free festival downtown that spans two days, and features a wide variety of art exhibits that include everything from metal sculptures to paintings to photography.

Monocacy Battlefield

In 1864, a key battle took place here that is referred to as “The Battle That Saved Washington”. It was one of the last Confederate battles in Union territory. Located 50 miles west of Baltimore, this is a relatively easy day trip for all you history buffs. There are self guided tours and battle-oriented walking trails.

It’s important to schedule time away from your office space in Chevy Chase, and make fun a priority this summer.

What about you guys? What fun summer activities do you suggest to do in Maryland?

How To Become a Billionaire

Did you know that Sara Blakely, the creator of Spanx, is worth a billion dollars? She is also the youngest woman to grace Forbes Magazine Billionaires List.

And it all started with a mere $5,000 and a desire to fix the current problem pantyhose presented: visible seams at the toes and an unsightly puckering at the waistline where the pantyhose ended and your stomach began.

How can you, as an entrepreneur, mimic Sara’s process?

  • Keep Motivating Yourself. Sara started reading self help books at a very early age, which helped propel her into the proper mindset for always believing that if you set your mind to it, you can accomplish your goals. She trained her mind to always look for opportunities in life, so that when an idea came (Spanx) she would be ready to act.
  • Be Good At Sales. Your idea won’t go anywhere unless you have a way to sell it. “Sales” tends to have a negative connotation, but if you truly believe in your product, you will never have to learn how to sell it. Your passion will do that for you.
  • Solve A Problem. Sara realized that women everywhere were having a hard time with pantyhose. They weren’t comfortable at the waist, creating a muffin top effect that was unattractive. Plus, the toe seams were visible which limited what type of shoe a woman could wear. So Sara created a product that eliminated those issues, but still gave the same effect of shape wear that women desired. This was the first time someone had attempted to solve this problem for women!
  • Prepare. Know everything about your product and how it is made. Research patents, previous attempts at the same product, related products, etc. Then, based on your knowledge, create a product that you would love and use every day. If you don’t stand behind your product 100%, how can you convince anyone else to?

I find Sara’s story so inspiring. $5,000 ten years ago has now erupted into a billion dollar company. All because of a simple idea that she pushed into fruition.

What motivates you about this story? Do you have any ideas that will solve a problem for the public? Now is the time to act! I hope you use Sara’s story as motivation to bring your ideas into reality.

Hurricane Irene Status Update

Please see below for the latest updates on any outages and/or closings due to Hurricane Irene:


DC Locations


  • Connecticut Avenue
    Latest Update: Fully Operational
  • Farragut Office Center
    Latest Update: Fully Operational
  • Suite 200 Farragut Office Center
    Latest Update: Fully Operational
  • Metro Center
    Latest Update: Fully Operational


MD Locations


  • Chevy Chase Office Center
    Latest Update: Fully Operational
  • Frederick Office Center
    Latest Update: Fully Operational


NJ Locations


  • Eatontown Office Center
    Latest Update: Fully Operational


VA Locations


  • Ballston Office Center
    Latest Update: Fully Operational
  • Fairfax Office Center
    Latest Update: Fully Operational
  • Herndon Office Center
    Latest Update: Fully Operational
  • Reston Office Center
    Latest Update: Fully Operational
  • Tysons Corner Office Center
    Latest Update: Fully Operational

Our Idyllic Farragut Office Center

At Metro Offices we strive to find the best, most convenient and most prestigious office locations in the DC metropolitan area because the location of your business is vital to the success of your business. At Metro Offices we understand you want to give your clients a professional impression of your business and that your employees deserve to work somewhere that makes their workday easier and accommodates their needs; that’s why our Farragut Office Center is such an ideal location.

Our advantageously located Farragut Office Center is metro accessible, is only two blocks from the White House and steps from the power corridor of K Street. You are literally right in the heart of downtown DC, and not only that but the design of the building alone will make you feel assured your clients will be impressed with you and your business.

This architecturally impressive building boasts a 10-story entry atrium with floor-to-ceiling marbled walls and an elegant waterfall. An expansive roof top terrace, and state of the art health and fitness center are just a few notable amenities. Quick and easy access to transportation, shops and restaurants make the Farragut Office Center a prime choice for your Washington office.

We have a 75-person conference center that is available for your use, along with a score of other convenient and professional amenities. Some of which include:

  • Farragut Park
  • Concierge Service
  • Fine Shopping
  • Exclusive Restaurants
  • Video Conferencing Facility

Trust us when we tell you, you don’t want to miss out on this idyllic location for your business. Visit our website for a virtual tour and photos of our Farragut Office Center.

2nd Annual Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor Summit

You’re invited!

Join us for the Bisnow’s 2nd Annual Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor Summit

When: Monday, June 27, 2011

Where: Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel
2800 South Potomac Avenue, Arlington, VA 22202


7:00 AM – 8:00 AM Breakfast & Schmooze
8:00 AM – 8:30 AM Cap Markets Panel
8:30 AM – 9:15 AM Office Panel
9:15 AM – 10:00 AM Residential/Mixed-Use
10:00 AM – 10:30 AM Post-Game Schmooze

Our very own Kelly Bedsole will be on hand to talk about The July 19th opening of The new Ballston Metro Office Center.

Register here!

Top players in the region will join us to discuss the state of this growing real estate hub:

What new developments are breaking ground in the next 6-12 months?

How will new development requirements in sustainability and innovation influence the future of the market?

What are the current rent and occupancy costs for both residential and commercial?

Where does equity, debt, and customer demand stand in this market?

What asset classes are thriving in the Corridor?

The Workplace on Demand Advantage

It’s no secret to business leaders and owners around the world that the business world format is changing and adaption is necessary for any business to succeed. At Metro Offices we are here to make those necessary adaptations easy financially and practically; we are here to help you and your business succeed.

Because of the rapid growth of outsourcing and the trends that is setting, we at Metro Offices have created a new and innovated system that allows businesses to easily adjust in the ever-changing business world – Workplace on Demand. With Workplace on Demand you can let go of all those management tasks and obligations that take up so much of your precious working time and focus solely on the growth of your business. Plus, Workplace on Demand will save your company money!

Consider these 3 key Workplace on Demand benefits:

  • Gain flexibility by escaping the trap of long-term real estate leases.
  • Eliminate capital expenses of an office startup including technology, furniture and construction costs along with hefty lease deposits.
  • Immediate startup – have your newly constructed office open for business in as little as 90 days and take advantage of resources for immediate startup.

We are now offering a new free white paper called The Workplace on Demand Advantage. In our white paper you will learn how your organization can create substantial savings with a managed services solution and discover the risky pitfalls to avoid. Sign up for this free white paper today on our website here.

Metro Offices’ Premier Chevy Chase Location

At Metro Office we take pride in the fact that we can offer our clients office solutions and locations in Virginia, downtown DC and Maryland, but we would like to highlight our Chevy Chase, MD location today. Our Chevy Chase location is our only Maryland site and it is in the heart of the action in the DC area.

Our site is conveniently located above the Friendship Heights Metro station in Chevy Chase and is perfect for your growing business; the neighborhood is a wonderful blend of established concerns and ambitious start-ups. It has great access to downtown DC, Dulles, BWI and the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia and still allows you to keep a close watch on the Capital District.

Another reason this is such a prime location for your business is that it is located near dozens of surrounding restaurants; along with nearby shops, banks and theaters and the acclaimed Mazza Gallerie shopping center.  So if you have clients in town or need a premier location or restaurant for a business meeting you won’t have to look too far. The building also houses the renowned Indique Heights Restaurant for your business convenience.

Other amenities include:

  • Underground Parking
  • Metro Rail, Red Line
  • Metro Bus Station
  • Concierge Services
  • On Site Video Conferencing
  • Embassy Suites
  • Fully equipped meeting rooms

Learn more about our Chevy Chase office location on our website where you can find a virtual tour, floor plan and photos of this site. Then call us for your free estimate for our Chevy Chase office location today!

The Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist for your Local DC Business

Hiring a full-time receptionist may not make sense for your business. You may not feel you have enough tasks and responsibilities to fill up a receptionist’s day, and yet, as a business owner, juggling business calls, mail, your schedule, etc. and managing your business, is just too time consuming to do it all yourself. At Metro Offices we have the perfect solution for you: a virtual receptionist.

A Metro Offices’ a virtual receptionist is the convenience of having a live person to answer your phones, forward messages, and assist you with scheduling, without you having to hire, train and pay for a receptionist on your own. Not only do you not have to pay a receptionist’s salary, but you don’t have to provide the equipment, such as a computer, phone, software, desk, etc., a company receptionist needs.

But Metro Offices can offer you and your business more than just a virtual receptionist. If you find you need additional assistance, we can provide you with a professional virtual assistant to help with all of your administrative tasks. This means you still save money on employee training and equipment, but still get the services and attention of a personal assistant.

You will save time and money by only paying for the services you need and not having to hire, train, and manage employees.

A virtual receptionist is a win/win for any business looking to save money on a service that helps your business run more smoothly. Request a free quote on a virtual receptionist from Metro Offices today!

Your Home Based Office Made More Professional

Having a home based office can be ideal and has some obvious advantages– you work from the comfort of your own home, you don’t have to deal with traffic which means you have more time to spend working, you don’t have to spend a fortune on gas, a home office makes it easier to create a work/life balance, you don’t have to rent out an office space and you don’t have to deal with the corporate world demands.

But there are also some disadvantages to working from home – no access to a professional meeting space, no IT team, no professional phone answering service (so you’re stuck answering all of your work related phone calls yourself) and no business mailing address. The lack of all these things can get in the way of running your home-based business efficiently.

Let Metro Offices help your home-based business operate more efficiently and appear bigger and larger to your clients by taking advantage of our home based service package.

Virtual Office Services
o Business Address
o Phone Answering Service
o Virtual Assistant
o Mail Service
* Remote Office Solutions
o Work from home, a client location, or anywhere using Metro Offices remote worker technology and services.
* Meeting Rooms

Keep the comforts and benefits of your home office without sacrificing the professionalism and efficiency of a larger, on-site business. Visit our website today and request your free quote!