15+ Digital Business Tools to Foster a Thriving, Collaborative Culture

With 88% of job seekers believing a healthy work culture is vital for success, focusing on building a collaborative team is more important than ever. Though many companies have shifted to a fully remote or hybrid working model, technology has made it possible for organizations to prioritize teamwork.

So whether your office is in-person or virtual, there are plenty of resources you can use to foster collaboration. From communication to task management, here are 15+ digital business tools that will contribute to your business’ thriving culture.


To bridge communication gaps and bring your team together, it’s vital to find a communication platform that works best for your organization. Slack is a popular choice, as this messaging platform was explicitly designed for workplaces. With instant messages, file transfers, and a streamlined workflow builder, you can integrate this tool with various tools your company may already be using.

If you’re a tight-knit group that prefers texting and sending voice messages, Voxer is another excellent option. Known as a walkie-talkie app, this messaging tool offers push-to-talk, making it easy for employees to send messages on the go. In addition, Voxer allows teams to keep in touch without giving away their phone numbers.

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Project & Task Management

When it comes to project management, today’s options are endless. Many organizations opt for ClickUp, a tool built for organizations both big and small. Employee onboarding, automatic sales processes, and campaign management are just a handful of features ClickUp offers. If you’re tired of email threads, this platform will allow you to work across departments without losing important details inside your inbox.

Asana is a tool similar to ClickUp, with a new workflow builder, real-time reporting, and shared calendars. Monday has broken into the project management sphere as well, offering custom dashboards and a lower price tag than Asana or ClickUp.

Trello is an additional option here, with an easy-to-use interface that allows users to drag and drop tasks, customizing their dashboards to meet their individual needs. All four of these tools work well when monitoring projects, delegating assignments, and ensuring no tasks slip under the radar. Experiment with each of them (most have a free trial!) before deciding what fits naturally into your current workspace.

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Content Creation

These days, with most businesses having some sort of online presence, it’s essential to find a set of tools your team can use to create content. This may mean working inside Google Docs and Sheets, using the suggestion feature and comment tool to collaborate in real-time.

It also might mean creating your own team on Canva, where your employees can work on designs, presentations, and social media content. You’ll also want to find places to share this content, which is where tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox come into play.

Social Media Management

As of January 2022, there were more than 3.9 billion total social media users across all platforms. Chances are, your business is showing up on one of these platforms, so finding the right social media management tools is vital for seamless collaboration. You want to make it easy for your team members to work together to plan and schedule content.

Later, Planoly, and Hootsuite are three options for optimizing your social media workflows. All come with detailed analytics, hands-off publishing, and visual planning tools. Pricing depends on the features a company is looking for, but most platforms offer a free trial, so you can test them out before committing.

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When your business continues to grow, automating as many tasks as possible saves you time, money, and energy. And tools such as Airtable and Zapier can significantly impact your bottom line. Airtable connects your data, workflows, and teams, allowing you to bring your information together and foster deeper collaboration between all employees.

Zapier is another popular solution known for its automation – this platform helps companies automate their work across 4,000+ apps and digital business tools you may already use. Instead of getting bogged down in day-to-day operations, tools like Zapier can help your team members focus on their specific tasks while keeping clients and customers top of mind.

Beyond digital business tools

Though digital business tools can make or break a team, so can their workspaces. If your business has noticed a drop in productivity, your space (whether virtual or in-person!) may be the source of the problem. Fortunately, the team at Metro Offices is here to help.

We can customize various flexible workspace solutions for your unique work style and needs. If collaboration is at the forefront of your organization, know that our solutions will improve the way your employees work together. From organized office spaces to virtual meeting rooms, you’ll rest easy knowing your team has the space they need to thrive.

Send us a message today to learn more about how we can help you boost productivity, communication, and excitement surrounding your growing organization!

Women-owned and locally-focused, Metro Offices has been a catalyst for workspace innovation since 1989 and continues to be the premier provider of virtual and in-person office space in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Serving over 30,000 businesses, our high-touch services and solutions are designed to help entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs scale their businesses and optimize their professional reputations.

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