Five Debunked Myths About Virtual Offices

It’s January, and that means time for a fresh start. Unfortunately, not all is yet copacetic in the public-health arena; the vast majority of Americans await the COVID-19 vaccine, and many businesses are still closed. But there’s hope yet if you’re a small-business owner or solopreneur wanting to make 2021 your year. The way to do it? Virtual offices.

These professional mega tools can help you grow your company substantially, but misinformation about them abounds. In the following paragraphs, we debunk the most-circulated myths about virtual offices so you can disregard them and choose the one that best meets your organization’s needs.

They’re expensive

We’re not sure of the origin of the notion that virtual offices are a pricey option, but we can see some of the reasons behind the fib. Virtual-office services, such as those provided by Metro Offices in and around DC, include personalized, live call answering, a professional, business-district address, mail sorting, and more. 

Sounds costly, right? It’s not. The truth is, a virtual office can save you substantially over a traditional office lease, freeing up that cash for other endeavors or simply making office services available to those who didn’t think they could afford them.

They’re not professional 

Some people may have shied away from virtual offices in the past because they worried clients and prospects would find such spots unprofessional. If that was once the case with a handful of virtual-office providers, it’s surely not the case any longer. 

Looking for an elegant, well-appointed conference room for a customer meeting? Need it to be at a convenient, central location? Metro Offices is the way to go. Our sleek, quiet spaces can be rented by the hour and booked online in minutes. (You won’t have much luck doing that at a coffee shop or public library. )

They hurt productivity 

If you’re one of the many people who have been working remotely since early 2020, you’ve probably gotten pretty good at creating and sticking to a work-from-home schedule. Sure, at first, you may have been tempted to watch TV or browse online all morning, but — and this is particularly true if you’re an entrepreneur or solopreneur — you now remember that time equals money. And idling away the day does not a full bank account make. 

Now that you’re accustomed to being self-propelled using the office and meeting spaces of your virtual-offices provider can actually improve your productivity.  

They pose a security risk

You might have heard that working in a communal setting increases the risk of your data getting stolen. That might well be true if you’re on an insecure network, but most top virtual-office providers have secure, password-protected Wi-Fi at their locations. 

Ask the management at yours to ensure the Wi-Fi there is indeed protected by a complex, regularly changed password. Also, inquire about whether there is a separate visitor Wi-Fi. If there is, you know that you’re getting an extra level of security by being on a pay-only connection as a member.  

Do your part, too: When coworking, make sure your laptop and phone have complex passwords (and don’t write those passwords down on paper; use a password manager instead). 

They’re not real offices

Office snobs’ last-ditch attempt at keeping people in cumbersome, costly, multi-year suite leases may be this: Virtual offices aren’t even offices. Fortunately, this one’s easily cut down. 

Visit any one of Metro Offices’ nine top Washington and National Capital Region offices and see for yourself how real a ‘virtual’ office can be. We have fully stocked huddle areas, conference rooms, and private offices; lightning-speed, secure Wi-Fi; unlimited gourmet coffee and tea, and more — all in Metro-accessible settings that have been retrofitted for full compliance with COVID-19-prevention guidelines.  


Virtual offices can save you a bundle — and the only difference you’ll notice is the lack of commute. Click here to see Metro Offices’ flexible pricing options.

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