The Top 4 Causes of Low Employee Morale

Low employee morale is a serious problem. Unhappy employees lead to lower productivity, poor service and major problems with staff retention. Different incentives can help turn things around, but if the majority of your company is suffering from low morale, it’s crucial that you identify its root causes. There are several reasons low morale can creep into your office’s workplace. Metro Offices, the leading provider of office rental space, shares some of them:

1. Lack of Incentive

Doing the same thing at work for the same amount of pay every day can become too routine for most employees. Constant motivation is key to keeping your employee’s moral high. They need a reason to be productive between paydays.

One way to avoid this is to give your employees the best benefits possible. You can do this by publicly thanking top-performing employees and teamwork efforts. You can also do giveaways from time to time. Providing an appealing and professional office space is also a great way to reward your team. Luckily, you won’t have to look far as Metro Offices offers excellent office rentals with high-quality features.

2. They are Not Part of a Team

Staff’s individual efforts are small pieces that help achieve your team’s huge goal, which is why it’s important to help your employees keep the big picture in their mind. The problem is, differences in values, personalities and work methods can cause challenges with teamwork. The best way to solve this is to conduct team building activities that help employees learn the benefits of teamwork. Scavenger hunts and other activities that encourage team tactics are a fun way to achieve this.

3. No Open Communication

It’s not unusual for workers to suffer in silence. More often than not, they have problems that they are uncomfortable with sharing at work. This fear of open communication causes low morale in your employees. You can bridge this gap by being approachable to your team. Make a habit of interacting with them daily from your workstation. Also, be sure to encourage open and courteous communication among your group and with the management.

4. Loss of Trust in Leadership

Trust is essential to a positive and well-functioning working relationship. If your employees don’t trust the leaders in the company, overall attitudes at work are going to be negative. Gain your team’s trust by keeping them informed of the company’s performance and plans. Over time, your actions will build your staff’s trust and boost their morale.

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