DC during the holiday months

Four Ways Private Workspaces Help You Enjoy the Holidays

DC during the holiday months is festive, beautifully decorated, and full of things to do. If you’ve just set out on your own business adventure and no longer work from a traditional office, this is the time of year you might start to miss that office-worker bonhomie.

Getting a private office at a flexible office space provider gives you what’s good about DC at holiday time. Below are the four ways a private office at a premiere coworking spot in DC can help you truly enjoy the holidays.

Professional atmosphere

If you recently became a solopreneur or started working remotely for other reasons, you’re probably setting up from home, the nearest Starbucks, or the local library. All of those locations are flexible and wallet-friendly, but they are not always professional. 

Have you tried to write a business proposal while watching your toddler, or taken a client call while a group of teens screams with laughter at the table next to you? It’s difficult, if not downright impossible. 

Reserve one of Metro Offices’ private offices instead. They’re available at all of our nine DC and Washington-area locations so you can think, write, and talk without distraction. This is particularly valuable around holiday time when certain cafes get even more jammed thanks to seasonal-beverage drinkers, and well-meaning but often loud family members descend on our homes.


If you only miss a handful of things from your days as a cubicle worker bee, one of them is bound to be the annual office holiday party. A paid break to eat free food and chat with colleagues, or, better yet, dinner with your significant other and all your coworkers at a swanky restaurant.

As a Metro Offices member, you can enjoy a holiday party every year at whichever of our locations you like. We and our members always have a blast. 

Discover COWORKING options for your schedule and budget.

Did someone say amenities?

Coworking also offers numerous amenities you’re unlikely to get at home. Want a professionally equipped, maintained, and cleaned fitness center with state-of-the-art machines and accessories?

Metro Offices has fully equipped fitness centers at each of our locations. We also have free, all-you-can-drink coffee, tea, and water; contemporary, ergonomic office furniture; business-class printers and secure, reliable, lightning-speed Wi-Fi. 

Private Virtual Office

Nice price

Office space in and around the nation’s capital — especially in highly desirable areas — comes at a premium. Those just embarking on their solopreneur adventures don’t have that kind of cash, but why should that mean they miss out on being in the heart of it all, or on having a great space? At Metro Offices, get a dedicated desk at any of our prime, Metro-accessible spots, a business address, and mail service — starting at just $500 a month. 

Don’t deplete those brand-new business savings this holiday season! Click here for a cost comparison on office space solutions.

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