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Ashley Holst

The staff at Metro Offices are always quick to assist and friendly!


Christopher Falcone

The staff is amazing!!! The services offered are second to none.


Daniel Coast

The time my team and I have spent at Metro Offices has been nothing short of exemplary. The space has been terrific and the front desk team has been even better. I would highly recommend these offices as a place to conduct business.


Anthony Inglimo

There is nothing like going to work in a place where you can talk to very down to earth people who truly care about quality assurance. If you are looking to rent an office or several, give them a call! They will set you up.


Kayla Barras

Metro Offices was a truly wonderful place to visit. The staff were very professional, helpful, and friendly. The facilities were extremely well kept, clean, and bright. Plenty of space and great atmosphere. I would highly recommend Metro Offices to anyone looking for an office space or conference room.


Mary Ann Morgan

From the very beginning, I have experienced such kindness, friendliness and attention to detail from Ben, Krystle and others. Because I am a counsellor, my furniture needs were a bit different than your average client, and Ben, very wisely, insisted we measure to make sure my sofa and chairs would fit the office. Both he and Krystle helped me find movers, making my transition from my last office to this one seamless.

Since being here, I have made several requests regarding room temperature, gym setup and other minor inquiries. They have been handled expeditiously and with a pleasantness, I am learning to expect from your staff. My clients have remarked many times at the friendly reception they receive from Krystle, Alisa and Maya.

The building and location are exceptional. (Love the coffee machine!) I had an opportunity to walk around the lake area. The physical site is so agreeable and relaxing. I am here later in the evening and encounter the cleaning staff. They are all very friendly and accommodating.

All in all, I am extremely pleased I made the decision to come to Metro Offices and I offer my highest recommendations.

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