3 Fundamental Reasons to Set Up a Smart Tysons Corner Office Space

3 Fundamental Reasons to Set Up a Smart Tysons Corner Office Space

Tysons Corner Office Space imageHunting for an office space within the metro can be daunting for most organizations. They have to think about the location, the transportation, the rent, and the quality of life that people lead in a particular place. Most business players want to establish their grounds in a vital, centrally located region where they can close deals and transact their affairs without delays.

The Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA) lists 3 reasons why business growth is the only way to go and why a convenient yet professional Tysons Corner office space is a wise decision:

Strategic & Accessible Business Location

A progressive city settled between major arterial roads and highways, Tysons Corner is highly accessible to capital city Washington DC and to transportation center Washington Dulles International Airport.

It enjoys 26.6 million square feet of office space and more than 6 million square feet of retail space, as part of Fairfax County’s Central Business District. Tysons Corner houses two regional malls, the Tyson Galleria, and the country’s tenth largest mall at 2.4 million square feet, Tysons Corner Center.

Several industry giants including AT&T, Boeing, Wells Fargo, and Ernst & Young have settled their bases of operations in the city, as a testament to its crucial position in the region. The city is also home to about 100 industry and trade organizations, which can help businesses in their quest to conquer both developed and emerging markets. The largest ones with $1 million+ annual budgets include Data Interchange Standards Association, National Automobile Dealers Association, and Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals.

Silver Lining Within Reach

The FCEDA states that Tysons Corner will be home to four Metrorail stations as part of the Silver Line, which will connect it to Reston, Washington Dulles International Airport, and Washington DC. Locals anticipate the first phase of the line to open in early 2014, while companies expect more trade and development opportunities to arrive in the city with quick, improving transportation systems.

Up-and-coming Technology Hub

About 1,200 tech companies are situated in the city, accounting for 29.8% of the jobs in the submarket. Some tech giants who currently sit their corporate or regional headquarters in Tysons Corner include IBM, Xerox, Primus Telecom, SMS Data Products Group and Palantir Technologies.

Entrepreneurs can benefit from tech companies’ unique business model to find innovative business-to-business solutions to fit their needs. Since tech companies specialize in their own fields, they devote their expertise and experience for their partners’ business growth.

Businesses need to run and operate more efficiently than ever to achieve growth. A smart Tysons, VA office space located in the regional trade center can ensure entrepreneurs of prospective breakthroughs in the market, as well as expansion potential.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Tysons Corner Business Area, Fairfax County Economic Development Authority)

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