3 Reasons To Do Business in Ballston

3 Reasons To Do Business in Ballston

Business in Ballston is booming. It’s become one of the hottest areas to live and work in the DC Metro area, and considering everything that it has to offer – this is no surprise.

3 reasons you should move to Ballston now:


Who doesn’t love diversity? Ballston is teeming with a melting pot of businesses in various sectors: technology, commerce, nonprofits, think tanks and federal agencies. On the intelligent front, Ballston has the highest concentration of the most well educated people in DC. Over 70% of the population holds bachelor’s degrees. The average demographic here is 24-35, which gives this area an energetic vibe. Ballston has a smart, competitive edge which can push your business to new levels.


Let’s face it – beauty matters. So when you are sitting in your office space in Ballston and can clearly see stunning views of the Potomac River and our nation’s capitol, how could that not make you feel lucky to be here? Ballston provides an urban appeal where people want to work and live. This connectedness means that there is more of a community feel because people desire to be more integrated. It also doesn’t hurt that the Washington Capitals stadium is located here.


It’s a fact: Ballston has cheaper rent than the District for corporations and federal agencies. I’m sure you could figure that out on your own. But did you also know that there are lower corporate taxes rates here? Ballston is a business friendly environment that encourages growth at more minimal costs, with proven statistics to back up these facts.

Metro Offices has a beautiful space in Ballston if you are considering a move. Contact us today to find out more.

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