4 Reasons to Start a Business in Washington, DC

4 Reasons to Start a Business in Washington, DC

Washington, DC is not just a cluster of government offices and historical landmarks. It is actually a thriving hub of businesses specializing in technology. For this reason, if you are planning for the best location for your startup, the nation’s capital remains a top choice. It offers a number of benefits that allows you to attract and grow top talent.

Reasons to Start a Business

Metro Offices, your provider of quality office space for lease in Washington, DC, shares four of the reasons to build your company here.

  1. Dynamic Workforce. Millennials or Generation Y members make up 35% of Washington, DC’s population. With their drive, talent, and modern outlook, these professionals assemble to the capital to build their high-flying careers. This means you will not lack for active professionals to help your business get ahead of the competition.
  2. Steady Economy. Washington, DC does not have the ups and downs of other states, allowing many opportunities to establish a business in any field or industry.
  3. Funding for High-Level Ventures. The nation’s capital is among the leading recipients of high venture funding in the country. This has hit an all-time high of up to $50 billion in 2015 alone. Add in the amount of capital from the federal government that is spent locally on research and development. Clearly, this state offers almost limitless possibilities that you can access to. In fact, all you need is an office space for rent in Washington, DC, to get in on the entrepreneurial action.
  4. Prime Locations. Washington, DC offers a large number of transportation hubs, historical centers, and shopping buildings. It has more than 90 stations, with an average of one million trips on a given weekday. Tourists are also in abundance, with about 18 million visiting the capital every year. With such a large amount of traffic, attracting top-notch professionals and potential clients or partners to your company is worry-free. This is especially true when you choose Metro Offices for workspace solutions.

From private spaces, meeting rooms, and team spaces, Metro Offices can accommodate you and your team in comfort and efficiency. Our office space in Washington, DC, is flexible enough to suit your unique work style. It also comes with advanced communications and technology to help you compete in the corporate jungle. Call us at (703) 871-5208 or fill out our form for a free consultation.

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