4 Ways to Make Meetings More Engaging

4 Ways to Make Meetings More Engaging

You and your staff can accomplish great things in meetings—if you structure them the right way. Meetings that drag on for hours or are unfocused are a burden for everyone and bad for morale. In today’s post, Metro Offices shares four tips for holding an engaging and productive meeting:


1. Set the Right Mood

Setting the right tone from the get-go goes a long way in helping you achieve a successful meeting. When you start things off on the right foot, the atmosphere in the meeting space will be much more conducive to collaboration and getting good work done.

2. Have an Agenda

What do you need to accomplish in this meeting, and how do you plan to do it? Draft a clear agenda before the meeting and circulate it to your team in advance. Stick to the agenda during the meeting to avoid getting distracted by unproductive tangents.

3. Make Things Participatory

Meetings are a two-way street. If you’re doing 90% of the talking, how do you expect your employees to be engaged? People naturally have short attention spans. Giving your staff a chance to talk and voice their ideas helps them feel like they’re really contributing, which boost their morale and makes them want to do better work.

4. Stir Up Excitement

Create an aura of excitement and give participants something to look forward to. Oftentimes, it all boils down to delivery. Make it a point to liven things in your meeting rooms.

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