4 Workplace Personality Types

4 Workplace Personality Types

With every workplace comes a mixed bag of employees. Whether they’re hot-blooded achievers, or serene critical thinkers, these different personalities make up the whole of your business. They contribute in different areas and excel in different ways.

4 Workplace Personality Types | Metro Offices

To achieve success, it’s essential that you understand each employees’ personality. Metro Offices, your provider for quality office space in Arlington, VA talks about the four different types you’ll find in a professional environment.

 1. The Alpha
Alphas are strong and assertive. They run business units, and eventually, the company itself. They love competitions and winning them. They are the decision-makers who work hard to accomplish goals. Alphas love taking control, so put them in a position where they can exercise their leadership capabilities. When dealing with Alphas, show your appreciation. Give them the credit they are due to gain their respect and loyalty.

2. The High-Spirited
High-spirited employees tend to be loud, funny, and enthusiastic. They are extroverts, exceling in socializing and networking, but are prone to distractions. In business, they are the innovators, providing many ideas and creative solutions. Your high-spirited employees always need attention and approval. They work best when you put them in a task they love, or one that has variety. This will prevent boredom, making them more productive.

3. The Critical Thinker
These people value structure, order, and compliance. They are meticulous, and always think before they talk. They also make sure to do things the right way. Without them, your business would be unorganized and chaotic. When working with critical thinkers, it is important to give them their space. They work best without noise and distractions.

4. The Serene
Peaceful and easygoing, these people provide a calming effect to your office space in Arlington, VA. They do everything they can to avoid conflict and confrontation. They always put things into perspective, and are the most rational of the bunch. They do great work when they know they are valued and respected.

When you understand where your employees’ personality lies, you can give them what they need. This allows trust, respect, and lasting relationships to form. Your employees will be more motivated and productive, knowing that they have an employer who understands them and their needs.

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