9 Communication Principles of Great Leaders

9 Communication Principles of Great Leaders

Effective communication is a two-way process. In a corporate environment, both employees and team leaders should talk to one another to attain their goals. With open communication, great leaders can inspire the team to achieve more than their goals.

9 Communication Principles of Great Leaders | Metro Offices

To lead your business to success, be a great communicator first. Great leaders know how to connect and motivate with people using words. Here are some communication principles to live by:

  1. Be proactive – Leaders should give on-point goals and directions even in a mobile environment such as when using hoteling workspaces in Washington DC at our Connecticut Avenue location. Have a hands-on approach during projects and work with each one of your team members.
  2. Be ready to listen – Communication works both ways. Your employees also have something to say about the project or company. Always be open to what they have to say.
  3. Make sure you deliver the message effectively – Sometimes, there will be mixed messages during meetings. Make sure to ask if you are all on the same page; if not, be patient and reiterate your point on a different angle.
  4. Admit your faults – Even team leaders make mistakes, but great ones admit them. You should be accountable with everything that you say or do.
  5. Be honest – An honest leader can build trust within the team. If you cannot share all the information about a certain project, say it straight away to your peers. You do not need to give makeshift answers.
  6. Think about your team – Leaders always deliver both the good and bad news. There is no need to worry about your image; prioritize what your team needs to hear and how to say it properly. Furthermore, always address the team generally, but make them feel that you are reaching out to them personally.
  7. Maintain authority – Even if you need to be open to your team, you should still maintain authority. Stick your neck out and organize how things need to be.
  8. Be true to yourself – You do not have to pretend to be someone you are not to make people follow you. Handling things your way will be easier, and people will trust you for being true to yourself.
  9. Understand body language – You need to be aware of how people react to your presence or message. By understanding how your peers feel about you, you can deliver your message in a manner that they will understand and accept.

Whether you are working in a private office or at one of our workspace on demand locations such as the on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, DC, you should communicate with your team as a leader to achieve all your goals hand in hand. With communication, success is a short way ahead.

Metro Offices can help you achieve success with our dynamic workspaces. All of our meeting rooms, private offices, and other workstations have technological solutions to make communication easier. We offer unified communications platform, private chat networks, and more.

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