A Guide to Office Security and Safety

A Guide to Office Security and Safety

As a business owner, one of your top priorities is providing a safe workplace. With security breaches and cyber attacks getting more sophisticated, now is the time to prioritize your safety measures and ensure your business is impenetrable. Office security protects everything from your customers’ information to your team assets. Whether you store your data in a physical office or the cloud, it’s essential to take the necessary steps to avoid theft, leaked information, and costly security breaches.  

This post will cover office security, best practices, and how to safeguard your business with the help of Metro Offices!

What is workplace security?

The purpose of workplace security is to protect your company from malicious intent. Security measures may include automation systems, cybersecurity, safety training, and physical security. With remote work gaining popularity in modern business models, data breaches and theft risks are higher. When implementing security systems, consider the hybrid components of your business. 

Why is workplace security important?

All companies have a responsibility to safeguard their employees and clients. By prioritizing workplace safety, you put your team first, protecting their information and well-being. Workers in safe environments are more likely to be productive versus those who feel threatened and distracted. 

Office security helps businesses avoid legal liabilities, disruptions, and lost property, leading to financial and reputational damage. In 2022, data breaches averaged around $4.4 million. Being proactive about your workplace security can help minimize these security risks and maintain the longevity of your business. 

workplace security
workplace security

How to shield your office from these three security threats

Although there are many ways intruders can retrieve sensitive information, these are the top three threats to keep in mind as you incorporate security systems: 

Office theft  

Many business owners believe perpetrators are outsiders when it comes to office theft. However, their staff may be involved. For instance, team members may steal non-cash property and order more supplies than necessary. Besides employees, it’s important to note that anyone who enters your office space can be considered a potential threat, like occasional visitors, suppliers, and service providers.

Office violence

Office violence is any form of harassment, intimidation, physical violence, or threatening behavior in the work environment. It also includes verbal abuse, threats, and physical assault. To protect your workers, establish a violence prevention initiative. This training may cover topics like navigating office violence and identifying red flags. Knowing how to handle sensitive situations in the workplace ensures your team remains safe and respected. 

Office trespassing

Office trespassing may involve robbery, shoplifting, and in some extreme cases, terrorism. With any workplace violation, your reputation and professional relationships are at risk. The last thing you want is for prospects to view your business as unreliable. Try using cameras, lights, and identification cards to discourage trespassers.

Office trespassing
Office trespassing

Why think about office security? 

Security breaches can lead to significant losses in your business. Regardless of your company’s size, preparing for the unexpected is the best approach.  

Securing your employees

When your team comes to work, they entrust you with their safety. As an employer, you’re responsible for creating a safe workspace where your staff feels comfortable and can maximize their productivity. 

While a healthy work culture looks different for every company, consider offering personal and work-related support, like counseling services and mental health resources. Providing self-defense training and establishing a protocol for addressing workplace violations may also be beneficial. 

Protecting your company assets     

All businesses are vulnerable to physical threats like burglars and cyber attacks from hackers. Being aware of the latest risks and taking action will make a significant difference in your security efforts. You can safeguard your assets with the following tools and strategies:

  • Access control
  • Data security
  • Employee awareness training
  • IT security protocols
Protecting your company assets     
Protecting your company assets     

Best practices: systems and staff 

Developing a security plan for your business may take time, but it’s worth implementing for a safer future. Here are six practices to incorporate into your operations:

Employ appropriate security staff

Hiring a professional security team is beneficial, especially if you work with valuable property and confidential information. For example, you can employ third-party security contractors or security personnel for building entrances. Metro Offices provides onsite security for tenants at all locations. Click here to learn more about our services.  

In addition, you can establish a collaborative employee system and appoint trustworthy workers to manage critical projects. 

Install video surveillance

Video surveillance is an excellent preventative measure, dissuading intruders from entering the premises. Security cameras can record incidents and identify perpetrators, allowing you to file with the authorities and handle the situation appropriately. 

Consider installing video surveillance outside your office space and in various locations in your workplace. Note: Before investing in cameras, make sure to receive consent from your employees, as many states have strict laws regarding audio and video placement. 

At Metro Offices, our buildings are under surveillance, so you don’t have to go the extra mile for protection against trespassers. 

Install intrusion detection systems 

Intrusion detection systems can protect your business from malicious activities onsite as well as cyber attacks. For example, alarm systems can detect attempted break-ins, while real-time monitoring can alert you to suspicious activity on your network. Metro Offices’ locations are equipped with security systems that immediately alert our security team, so you can rest easy knowing the situation is under control. 

Install second layer security

Physical locks and secured entries can act as additional security measures for your workspace and provide peace of mind. You can also utilize other options like multi-factor authentication and access controls. Multi-factor authentication may include multiple passwords, mobile device tokens, and biometrics, while access controls limit your staff’s access to sensitive data.  

Consider the lighting

Thefts and suspicious activities are more likely to occur in dark areas. An easy solution is ensuring your office space is well-lit. Proper lighting enhances workplace visibility and can be a deterrent to intruders.

Consider adding lighting to the following areas around your workplace: 

  • Walkways
  • Parking lots
  • Entrances
  • Hallways

Metro Offices has buildings in populated, well-lit, and prestigious locations, reducing the risk of criminal activity. 

Secure public areas

Public spaces encompass courtyards, parking lots, shared workspaces, kitchens, and cafes. If your office space is easily accessible by public areas, it’s time to perform routine risk assessments to identify potential threats and vulnerable spots. You’ll want to review access points and emergency exits.

Access control also restricts the number of people who can enter public areas. In addition, key cards and access badges limit access to authorized employees. 

People talking customer to client

A safe workplace is good for business

You, your team, and your customers deserve to feel safe. A secure work environment shows you value your staff by prioritizing their comfort and well-being. Cultivating a healthy work culture with safety initiatives and valuable resources can also improve morale and work performance.

The benefits of implementing office security extend to your clients too. Your professional relationships are built on trust. You can maintain credibility by protecting your customers’ assets and data.   

Although security measures come with a price tag, it’s worth the investment to save on long-term costs. Incidents can lead to legal liabilities, worker compensations, and non-compliance fines. Instead, sidestep the unnecessary stress by prioritizing workplace safety today.   

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