Advantages of Having a Virtual Office Space in Maryland or Arlington

Advantages of Having a Virtual Office Space in Maryland or Arlington

There are many reasons why some companies don’t settle for a traditional office, one of these being that these companies are start-ups and have not the large funds to pay for monthly office rentals or salaries. Fortunately for them, a new approach to workspace environment has arrived. In Maryland, small business managers find that virtual offices, such as those offered by Metro Offices, work for them just as well.


A virtual office will offer you a business address in a prestigious location where you may hold office or meetings with clients for certain hours, or have your mail or calls handled by the company’s support services. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) explains how companies can benefit from using virtual offices:

Some companies offer a turnkey corporate image with all the tools you need to not only run a business, but to meet the business credit building requirements…

It is an excellent solution for start-ups and small businesses looking to keep costs low while gaining all the resources of a professional corporate image.

Depending on the program you avail of, you can enjoy all the resources of a traditional office, including video conferencing with employees, without actually renting or paying for one. A receptionist can take all your incoming calls, as in a traditional office.

Metro Offices can provide a business person with a virtual office space in Maryland as well as others in Arlington, VA. A virtual office allows an owner or manager to do work in a professional office space for a fraction of the cost of renting space for the entire workforce. A program is also available in this set-up where voice mails and emails are forwarded, and mails and packages that are sent to a commercial address are held for pickup, or otherwise forwarded to the owner’s address.

The Arlington, VA virtual office also offers work spaces by the hour (or per three hours) which may include use of facilities, such as the Business Lounge and Executive Cafe, and essential amenities as high-speed Internet.

Small and large-scale business owners looking to cut down on operational costs can still conduct their business efficiently without the stress of meeting the large budget outlays for office rent and maintenance. This is a highly feasible arrangement where business marketing meets pragmatic and cost-effective solutions, enough to launch a profitable venture full force.

(Article information and Image from How a Virtual Office Creates a Professional Corporate Image, U.S. Small Business Administration, February 14, 2013)


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