BlackFinn American Saloon: The Perfect Stop After a Busy Day

BlackFinn American Saloon: The Perfect Stop After a Busy Day

An added bonus to an office location is when there is easy access to top quality shops and restaurants. After a busy work day making your way through busy corridors and meeting rooms in Washington DC, it’s nice to have a place nearby to unwind.

A sports bar located near Farragut—BlackFinn American Saloon—is a great place to unwind, eat and have fun.

What to Expect and Find

Reviews from several regulars commend BlackFinn’s fantastic deals and generous pours. During happy hour, it can be a little crowded, which, on a positive note, can give you the chance to socialize.

According to a review in the Washington Post, patrons also said that the prices are relatively good, the crowd is lively and a good selection of draft beers is available.

Food choices include blackened chicken, veggie-topped pizzas, and a list of specialty burgers. There’s a variety of wines and cocktails to choose from, as well as a dozen draft options. They also offer special drinks with Firefly sweet tea vodka.

Dynamic Crowd, Lively Ambiance, and More

BlackFinn has a lot of happy hour specials and big-screen TVs. The crowd is a mix of ages just like the surrounding business community. It’s a place where everyone can have a good time. The staff is friendly and people normally just gather around the tables for snacks and drinks.

If you love sports, you’ll love BlackFinn. On weekends, the downtown area usually turns into a dead zone. So BlackFinn caters to football fans to drum up its business. Let’s say you have an urgent meeting to attend on a weekend, you can drop by at BlackFinn afterward to shake off that office feel from your Washington DC meeting rooms.

Who We Are and Where We Are Located

At Metro Offices, we understand the benefits of a work-life balance. So we enjoy sharing the news about the wonderful restaurants surrounding our office in Farragut. BlackFinn is just one of them and a two-block walk from our Farragut office.

If you need office solutions, call us today. We provide workspace solutions that fit your needs.

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