Business meeting: great idea & careful planning

Business meeting: great idea & careful planning

Not a few major companies started out small. A “petty” idea might actually become a prosperous industry someday. All it takes is a good dose of this combination: a great idea, passion, imagination, perseverance, and some careful planning. This same formula is what two DC accountants are banking on with their “froyo” business:

Frobot — a frozen yogurt vending machine created by two local accountants — rolled its way into Kirsh’sDupont Circle offices in late May. Since then, about 50 people a day have frequented the prototype machine, which spurts out 17-ounce servings of frozen yogurt for $3 per pop.

This is how it works: Customers grab a cup, put it on the machine’s scale, and swipe their credit card. Once the payment goes through, the machine dispenses frozen yogurt.

“We’re keeping it simple for now,” said O’Sullivan, a corporate accountant in Tysons Corner. “First we wanted to have a controlled environment to test the market.”

There are hundreds of “great” business ideas every year that go south once they hit the market. Why, you ask? Well, ideas are just ideas – it’s just a proposal or a simple vision. Big ideas are by themselves worthless if they are not properly executed. That is why it is always advisable for would-be entrepreneurs to get a Washington DC meeting room, sit down with their partners and/or staff, and plan their course of action first before heading on into the competitive world of business.

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(Article Excerpt from Frobot, a frozen yogurt vending machine rolls its way into DC,, June 9, 2014)

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