Choosing the Right D.C. Office Space for Your Business

Choosing the Right D.C. Office Space for Your Business

The office spaces of the Industrial Age served different purposes than today’s workspaces. Back then, a company bought or rented office space for the long term, with stability in mind. But in the Information Age, office space serves different purposes. How people work has changed drastically, and what people want from offices is different now. Furthermore, even established businesses have rethought their office space needs.

Office space solutions in Washington, D.C. are as dynamic as the city itself.

Some office space markets, like Washington, are particularly dynamic due to the regular flux of government and contract workers, lobbyists, and the startups common to major cities. Combined with the fact that more work today is done remotely, it’s easy to see why the traditional concept of a business workspace has had to be updated. Choosing the right D.C. office space means knowing what types of office setups are available, where to find them, and what to expect from office space in terms of productivity and other benefits.

Office Spaces to Suit Any Business Need

One- and two-person businesses aren’t unusual in today’s economy, and sometimes all you need is a private office to place you in the right business environment while offering you the privacy you need to get things done. Combined with community spaces, the private office in the modern business center can deliver the ideal combination of social interaction and seclusion.

Work collaboration means different things for different businesses, and sometimes for different projects within the same business. Team spaces offer flexibility to allow teams to configure their office spaces for precisely the level of engagement needed, whether on a short-term or longer-term basis.

Semi-private office space that’s affordable and provides the Wi-Fi network and coffee hookups small businesses need is a popular office space solution. This type of “FlexDesk” environment can be booked easily for full-time or part-time use.

Sometimes the situation arises where you just need an office for a day or two. Maybe your home office or regular office is being painted, or perhaps you want to meet a client in just the right business setting. Day offices can be booked by the hour, day, or week, and may offer perks like unlimited long-distance calling along with Wi-Fi and beverages.

Co-working spaces have been around for a while, and they’re terrific for improving community engagement and promoting collaboration and networking. Co-working spaces are the office space solution for businesses that benefit from the exposure and interaction that simply can’t occur in a home office or private office.

Other Benefits of Co-Working Spaces

Networking and collaborating in co-working and shared office spaces are unbeatable. The very proximity of other professionals offers tremendous opportunities to develop professional connections and even make friends that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. And with the many collaboration tools available, working with far-flung colleagues and clients can be done just about anywhere.

Another great benefit of temporary or shared office space is the motivational boost that can come from getting out of your comfort zone. Sure, it’s great to work in slippers at your home computer, but the mere potential for professional interaction is often just the thing to take productivity and inspiration to a new level. It can end up being a profitable investment in terms of new connections and clients.

Professional interaction can take productivity and inspiration to a new level.

Let’s face it: working at home can become lonely and isolating. Co-working can be a fantastic antidote, helping remote workers better visualize the contribution they make and how they fit into the overall business culture. The camaraderie that comes from working in physical proximity of other bright, busy people allows the solo worker the feeling of being “connected” to the business world that can be lost when working at home.

Productivity and Workspace

Remote working is a fact of life in the American information-based economy, and that makes good business sense. After all, why require people to commute every day to an office just to do what they could accomplish at home? But “remote working” doesn’t necessarily mean “home office,” and for many people, a home office simply doesn’t cut it.

Some people need to be surrounded by other people while focusing on their own projects. Experiencing life happening often invigorates and inspires. And this can be particularly true for special projects. Maybe a big assignment for a major client is on the horizon, and the freelancer or remote worker wants to be in a business environment while working on it. In the Washington, D.C. area, you have your choice of co-working spaces, private offices, and day offices that help independent and remote workers jumpstart their productivity and creativity.

Finding the Right Office Space Solution

Professionalism, inspiration, and opportunities for networking: office space solutions offer it all.

If you’re looking for non-traditional office space in the District area, how can you find what you want? Where do you even begin?

Two excellent neighborhoods in which to begin your search are Metro Center and Farragut Square.

Both Metro Center and Farragut Square, being dynamic business districts, know how to cater to the unique productivity needs of the 21st century worker, who may spend time working at home or remotely, and only part of their time in what would traditionally be considered an office.

Metro Center Workspaces

Metro Center is one of the best areas of Washington DC for doing business because it’s right in the heart of everything. Whether you provide consulting, legal services, financial services, or creative services, having office space in Metro Center puts you in the thick of the action, makes your office easy to access by Metro or other transportation, and delivers foot traffic that you won’t get anywhere else.

With the high number of restaurants and hotels in the Metro Center area, office space here is ideal for the company with clients visiting from out of town. And you don’t have to sign a long-term lease or overspend to have it because options are available for co-working, or office rental by the day or week.

Farragut Business Center Workspaces

Farragut Square is another D.C. hub of commerce and business that includes several major hotels, restaurants, food trucks, and even underground food courts. The legal, media, and travel industries are all well-represented here. And with two metro stops, Farragut North and Farragut West, getting there is easy – a plus for you and for any clients or customers you need to meet with.

As is the case with Metro Center, Farragut Square is an excellent location choice if you’re bringing in co-workers, project teams, or clients from out of town. Co-working spaces, private and semi-private offices for short- or long-term rental, and day offices are all options, so you can choose exactly what you need to accomplish your tasks in a professional business environment.

Metro Offices serves Metro Center, Farragut, and all other DC sectors with office space solutions that meet your exact needs. Give us a call at (877) 842-6999 to learn more about the office space packages we offer. We also invite you to browse our locations at your convenience.


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