Client Spotlight – Troy Riemer of Red Clay Creative

Client Spotlight – Troy Riemer of Red Clay Creative

What kind of businesses use shared or temporary office space? There are many different kinds, but some of the most common are startups and small businesses — even established ones.

The support a small business or startup gets from a shared office space provider such as Metro Offices is often critical to its survival. The costs of getting a business up and running can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. One great way to save money on startup costs is to locate your business in temporary office quarters.

This is what Troy Riemer, CEO of Red Clay Creative, did when he started his website and design firm in July.

Why Depend on Shared Office Space?

Many startups begin in their chief creative talent’s basement because it saves precious dollars on rent. But this strategy can lead to obstacles, such as zoning violations, insurance issues, and more.

In Riemer’s case, his company was creating an internship and needed a physical address that was not his home in order to have access to university programs.

Metro Offices provides virtual office services for just such situations. For an even smaller fee than renting space, clients can get a virtual office — an address to use on company documents, a dedicated phone line answered by a live receptionist, and more.

Riemer, however, opted for the full Metro Offices experience — renting physical space for him and his employees to work at the company’s McLean offices in Tyson’s, right in Greensboro Station Place.


Much More than Four Walls and a Roof

The obvious benefits of such an arrangement are the ability to make a relatively short-term commitment and in exchange, receive amenities such as professional space, equipment, supplies and more. It’s the subtler benefits, however, that provide the most value for Riemer.

He states:

I stay because of the people and the environment. I can share ideas and get feedback quickly. It’s a great place to work!”

Even if you’re not putting ideas out there, working in a cooperative space allows you to learn and grow through osmosis. After all, that’s where the idea for crowdsourcing came from!

The Story of Red Clay

Riemer explains that his company, Red Clay, is named for a band of Apache Native Americans called the Chihenne. “Stories of this heritage were passed down to me by my Uncle Dennis,” he said. “I believe that stories like those allow us to share information and create connections with others.”

In fact, it is connections just like this that are part and parcel of Riemer’s work every day. His firm helps clients to develop their own unique brand. “Your website is a story about your brand,” Riemer said. “Your design conveys the story of who your company is. Red Clay Creative was created to help businesses tell their story.”

Design and branding are creative pursuits. You can’t crunch numbers and get a definitive answer. It’s a delicate combination of research, ideas, timing, and luck. Everyone’s opinions count when it comes to what is appealing or attractive.

Riemer’s team creates marketing materials with an eye toward creating a powerful first impression for his clients’ clients. These tools build trust in your brand, so it’s easier for you to get new clients,” he said.

Looking To the Future with Red Clay and Metro Offices

“My best client is a company that is having a business anniversary — five, 10, 20 years in business,” Riemer said. “At these points, they are usually looking to update their branding or do a big announcement. It may be as simple as refreshing business cards and a logo, or updating a website to better reflect the company they have become.”

Whatever his clients need to help them build their brand, Riemer is looking forward to the future — for Red Clay, and its home within Metro Offices.

Are you ready to leverage all the benefits available through Metro Offices for your business? It’s easy to get started. Simply browse our locations to find the right space for your startup or small business.


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