Data Theft is a Serious Concern: Prepare Your Business

Data Theft is a Serious Concern: Prepare Your Business

Some years back, we all welcomed the dawning of the Information Age and now we are deep in the so-called Digital Revolution. The Internet is continually changing the pace of things where many companies see the shift from conventional labor to computerized knowledge-based operations as more of a necessity.

However, it is recognized that alongside the expediency of having the computer doing the tasks are the drawbacks. Important information transmitted through flash drives, laptops, mobile phones, etc. can be compromised.

Are you sure that sensitive information – especially classified schemas of new products or financial data, is being viewed by the right people? Are you aware about the prevalence of ‘online stalking’ and what harm it can possibly inflict on your business?

Recently, an incident involving Chinese hackers was discovered. These agents targeted several businesses in the US, according to this report from Business Week:

In a highly publicized indictment this week, U.S. prosecutors accused five Chinese military hackers of stealing information from American companies that would be useful to competitors in China. They didn’t name Chinese companies that might have benefited from the alleged pilfering of trade secrets, but they did drop several big hints that point to some of China’s biggest companies and state-owned enterprises, including Baosteel (SBSA:CH) and Chinalco (3668:HK). The companies deny that they are the unnamed businesses referred to in the indictment.

While it is not your job to hunt the hackers and probe on their motives, it is your duty as a business owner to protect your company’s data from any form of security breach, big or small. Fortunately, we at Metro Offices can provide the solution to all your concerns regarding this matter.

Valued client’s occupying any of our Tyson’s VA office space put their trust that we can handle their company’s important information through the multi-tiered security system maintained in our Data Center facility. For example, a digital video surveillance network monitors and records all building entrance activity. Entries are controlled by strictly managed access levels where biometric scans are done to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed entry.

In addition to these fool-proof security features, we also maintain a Network Operations Center handled by our rapid response specialists, 24/7/365! We understand that security matters to your business success. We are here to ensure that your Tyson’s Corner office space is protected from hackers, stalkers and the like.

(Article Excerpt fromWhich Companies Benefited From China’s Hack Attacks?,, May 22, 2014)

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