DC Government Contractors Main Concern? Security

DC Government Contractors Main Concern? Security

Many DC government contractors state that their number one business concern is security. Their efforts are often hampered by the federal requirement that data be kept safe during transactions and transmissions and that a contractor does not allow inadvertent access to any unauthorized parties. But how can that best be accomplished when contractors are always on the move, going from one city to the next in order to connect with the agencies needing their services?

While it’s always important to take strong security measures to safeguard electronics devices being used for business, there’s another step that DC government contractors can take to prevent the risk of vital information falling into the wrong hands. That solution is provided by leasing a virtual office in the city hosting your center of operations.

Consider this: when you arrive in a new city ready to take on a project contracted by the government, you’ve got a few options as to where and how you get business done. You could work from a hotel room in an attempt to cut costs; you could sign a year-long lease for an expensive office you won’t fully use; or you could opt for a virtual office and pay for only the time and days needed.

The wi-fi in a hotel room is not secure. Any data you transmit over that high speed internet connection is prone to hacking – especially if it’s offered as a complementary amenity. Not to mention that a hotel is often not an environment conducive to getting work done or holding an impromptu meeting.

Then there’s signing a long-term lease on an office. Not only is this is a very expensive option, good luck finding an available office since Washington, DC commercial space is in high demand. Plus, you will need to pay for and set up internet access, furnishings, temporary staff members, phone lines – the list goes on and on.

The final option – leasing a virtual office for only as long as you need it – presents tremendous advantages over either of the first two.

How Washington Virtual Offices Keep DC Government Contractors Safe

The advantages of opting for virtual DC office space are many.

How about security? Space in a virtual office is usually more highly secured than other buildings because it serves a diverse clientele. You can find shared offices that provide high-security locks, badge access to elevators, and a fully staffed reception area.

Add to this the fact that the virtual office probably utilizes the latest technology to keep all data transmitted via the high speed internet line safe via Cisco firewalls and constant remote network monitoring.

Another facet of safety and security? When your postal mail and parcels come in to a professional office address, the pieces are sorted and delivered immediately and directly to your office.

When it comes to being in compliance with the rules, stipulations, and regulations for DC government contractors, your best bet is to go with a virtual office that already has the proper security measures in place. Not only is it the safest bet, it’s the least expensive option with benefits that far outweigh any of the others.

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