DC Office Space Suitable for A Variety of Employees

DC Office Space Suitable for A Variety of Employees

If you are familiar with on-demand D.C. office space, then you may already be aware of the many advantages that a D.C. office space provides your business: the increased productivity, the reduced costs, and the myriad of benefits associated with a Washington D.C. address. However, you may not know that you can quickly and easily customize your D.C. office space to fit the needs of every level of your company. Whether you’re setting up an office for an incoming CEO or CFO, relocating your management team, or welcoming a new employee who is transferring to the city, Metro Offices has an office designed to fit any individual’s needs.


To perform at the highest level of productivity, all employees need to have the basic tools to do their jobs, and easy access to a helping hand when they get stuck, need advic, or just have a question or two. All D.C. office spaces come fully equipped with telephone lines that automatically roll over into the voice mail, so no calls are missed, as well as high-speed internet connections protected by firewalls, and fax lines.

Many offices also offer a kitchen or lounge area, where employees have access to water and coffeemakers, and perhaps a quick glance at the day’s newspaper.


Climbing the corporate ladder may be exhausting and sometimes frustrating, but it does have its rewards, including better appointed offices. In addition to the standard features found in all D.C. office spaces, executives can customize their offices with increased work options such as wireless Internet connections, or having a professional receptionist and a fully furnished reception area. They also enjoy 24-hour access to their office space, as well as the convenience of an on-site manager, should they have questions or concerns during the work day.

Executives also enjoy a number of little amenities that make the day more comfortable, including having access to a kitchen or lounge area where they can brew up Starbucks coffee and enjoy complimentary daily newspaper delivery. Many executives choose to have a virtual club, where they can relax and enjoy cable television with their coffee.

CEO And Above:

For those that have made their way to the top of the business pyramid, there is the option of choosing to have a fully furnished office provided.  Employees at these lofty levels can also elect to have their incoming and outgoing mail processed, sorted, and forwarded to them, their daily phone calls screened, and are offered the assistance of a full administrative team to ensure that all the endless paperwork is handled efficiently.

Executives at this level and above also have a full janitorial service at their disposal, as well as a fully furnished reception area, complete with a professional receptionist. Some offices also provide roof top terraces and health club facilities, which are also available to executives at this level.

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Kathlene Buchanan is the president and founder of Metro Offices, one of the premiere, women-owned, executive office centers in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. With presence in 8 different locations throughout the capital area, Metro Offices offers a full range of innovative business solutions and advanced technologies to help businesses compete in today’s transitioning business environment. Buchanan has been in the industry since 1979, and Metro Offices has been operating since 1989 with locations in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

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