Do More by Multi-Tasking

Do More by Multi-Tasking

Things get hectic at work, and there is never enough time to finish all that’s needed to be done by end of the day. If your workdays are like this for you, try your hand at improving your ability to multi-task. With the right approach, you can accomplish more in an hour than what used to take you three hours.

Do More by Multi-Tasking | Metro Offices

Metro Offices, provider of quality workspaces in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland shares how multi-tasking can be of assistance.

Benefits of Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking can save you a considerable amount of time. Instead of doing one task after another, you can work on them simultaneously. This allows you more free time for your family or your hobbies. You can also increase your productivity by multi-tasking, as you will accomplish more at a quicker pace. This will also help you deal with interruptions and distractions.

With multi-tasking, you will never have time to procrastinate. Moving back and forth between different projects prevents boredom and keeps you inspired. You will also be more motivated, as you can see all the work you are accomplishing.

Ways to Manage It

While multi-tasking may not be for everyone, you can build and improve upon it over time. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Set and Prioritize Specific Tasks. As you multi-task, there will still be things that need your full attention. The trick is knowing which ones require focus, giving these a higher priority while setting aside other tasks briefly. If it has a deadline, or will require hours to finish, then it is likely a high-priority task.
  2. Keep a Separate Calendar. When multi-tasking, it will be better to keep a separate calendar for your tasks. Bundle related tasks together, and then set specific times for these tasks throughout the day, week, or month.
  3. Start Small. According to research from Vanderbilt University, training your brain to do simple tasks repeatedly, whether together or separately, can increase efficiency. Start with simpler tasks first, so you can build up on the necessary skills and brain power to do more in the future.
  4. Work on Self-Discipline. Make sure you do not get distracted. Turn off all mobile devices, and only open tabs for email or social media during the time you have set aside for them. This will help you focus and be more productive.

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