Features and Benefits of Hoteling Office Space

Features and Benefits of Hoteling Office Space

As advancing technology continues to drive a growing mobile workforce, many companies have had to reorganize their workspace needs. One of the most effective results of this reshuffle is a concept known as office hoteling.


This workspace strategy allows mobile employees or those who work flexible hours to reserve space when they return to the office. Why assign a permanent desk to someone who doesn’t have to come in to work every day? Metro Offices, the top workspace company in Washington, DC, discusses the features and benefits of this radical idea that is transforming the 21st century workplace:

Maximize Existing Workspace
Hoteling reduces the number of desks you need, which in turn reduces the amount of space needed to contain all those desks. This apparent reduction in rental costs means you have more capital to channel towards your business.

Book Everything Online
It wouldn’t be a reservation if you were unable to do it online and at your own convenience. With hoteling, team members can electronically reserve a space when needed. After all, a flexible workspace should match the flexibility of the worker, as well as the work itself.

Foster Higher Levels of Collaboration and Teamwork
Prominent organizations like Boeing report an increase in purposeful communication, which fosters a vibrant exchange of ideas and increases the efficiency of the office setting. There are also reports of increased productivity since employees can now get access to management and company resources when they need them. This success is, of course, down to the implementation policies you adopt for your company.

If you plan to enjoy these features today, let the Washington, DC office space experts work with you to tailor an approach that best suits your company needs. We provide the following hoteling amenities:

• Multi-line telephone
• Unlimited local & long distance calling
• No less than a Gig of fiber at any of our offices
• Access to all on-site support services
• Community cafés & member lounges

At Metro Offices, your success is our success. Contact us now so we can start discussing your workspace needs. Fill out our online form or simply give us a call at (703) 871-5208.

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