Federal Agencies Under One Roof: The Idea of Shared Office Space is Catching On in Government

Federal Agencies Under One Roof: The Idea of Shared Office Space is Catching On in Government

A company that needs and wishes to be active in business but cannot afford its own office yet usually rents a space together with other small companies. Office rental in Washington DC is currently growing to accommodate the needs of a number of start-up businesses.

What’s surprising is that shared spaces are becoming attractive, even for government agencies, for a number of reasons.

Maximized Collaboration and Interaction

The administrator of the General Services Administration, Dan Tangherlini, said that office sharing can pave the way for efficiency and better customer interaction. The agencies will also be able to share several utilities like dining facilities, conference rooms, and security. Having a shared space will also give people freedom to work throughout the building wherever necessary.

Efficiency and Savings

A shared office space is a common practice in the private sector, which establishes a better alliance and makes rent less expensive. The latter of which is something that will greatly help federal agencies. Tangherlini also said that there is no need for separation as, he observed, one building is not really that different from another. Having a bunch of agencies in one place, therefore, doesn’t seem to be a bad idea, especially if it will make communications and transactions easier and faster.

With this in mind, if you are just starting a business and need an office space to meet clients and conduct meetings, renting space is a great option.

Services from Metro Offices

Since this is a growing need for a growing market, we have flexible workspace solutions for your needs. Whether it is an executive office, shared office, workspace on demand, or other services, we can meet your requirements.

If you need an office space for rent in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, we’re here to help your business grow. Visit our website and call us today. We will be happy to be of service.

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