Finding the Ideal Reston Office Space That Increases Work Productivity

Finding the Ideal Reston Office Space That Increases Work Productivity

Reston Office Space imageWith Reston’s proximity to Tyson’s Corner and the Washington Dulles International Airport, the community is an ideal location to set up shop. However, a good business location is not the only thing that matters. In an article which appeared in, John Vogel writes about the interesting results of a research conducted by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister to test worker’s productivity. Employees who considered their workspaces quiet, private, and distraction-free were said to perform better than those who regarded their workspaces as noisy and prone to disturbance.

The things that the study revealed are definitely worth noting, especially by entrepreneurs looking into acquiring Reston office space for their business. While the physical location of an office is important, of course, these business executives can’t disregard the fact that the office’s design and layout are critical too. In this day and age where fancy furniture and highly advanced computer and communication systems are at everyone’s fingertips, business execs can’t simply neglect the basics to ensure a conducive work environment.

Fortunately, company executives can help increase their worker’s productivity and efficiency by way of a few tips. According to an article in, while an open office design is trendy at the moment and feel less cramped than the standard cubicle set-up, it does not provide the privacy that will allow workers to focus on their tasks at hand quietly and free from disturbance. Setting up cubicles, however, is not something that business execs are ready to embrace, especially those who value camaraderie between their employees.

However, a cubicle set-up doesn’t necessarily have to decrease office comradeship. Rather, an office space in Reston can instead set up areas specifically for employees’ relaxation and socialization. Having a large pantry where workers can sit down to enjoy some snacks and cups of coffee can help, and if the office space allows it, having wellness rooms can help too.

In Reston’s ever-growing business environment, much importance is placed on how well businesses keep up with the rest. As such, business execs can gain huge advantages by choosing an office not only in the right location, but also with the right design and layout. Fortunately, these business owners don’t have to look farther than the office solutions that providers like Metro Offices offer.

(Article Information and Image from Is the Corner Office Worth It?,, Published 19 April 2013)

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