Finding the Right Office for Your Unique Working Style

Finding the Right Office for Your Unique Working Style

Every business has particular work culture and style. Some prefer the kind of environment that allows them to interact and communicate freely. Others want something that is more discreet.


Metro Offices offers unique workspace solutions in Ballston, VA, that cater to diverse work styles and cultures. For the past 25 years, we have been providing excellent workspace solutions to over 30,000 clients. Our services have played a vital role to the success of many startups and entrepreneurs.

Day Office

Our day offices are perfect for federal agencies, home-based businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, expanding businesses, government contractors, distributed workforces, and Fortune 1000. These are complete with lobbies, welcome receptions, administrative and technology supports, cafes, and even spectacular views from each location.

Workspace On-Demand

If you prefer a workspace that offers specialized services, then workspace on-demand is perfect for your needs. Our workspace on-demand includes features, such as meeting and collaboration spaces, online workspace booking system for office hoteling, overnight shipping, printers, AV equipment, and more. No lease is required. We customize our services to your particular needs.


For entrepreneurs who need semi-private workspace solutions, FlexDesk® is the answer. This workspace solution is well ventilated and lit. It also makes use of HON furniture, giving it a modern feel. In terms of amenities, we have an award-winning service team and excellent function rooms that you may use during your stay.

Virtual Office

If you choose a virtual office, you will gain access to secure high-speed Internet, exceptional support team, and enjoy complimentary beverages each time you visit. Our amenities include access to over 65 meeting rooms, hundreds of private day offices across 9 locations, member lounges, and community cafes. We also give a professional address, a dedicated support team, and more.

We also have coworking, hotdesking, team spaces, hoteling, shared office spaces, and private offices in Ballston, VA. With Metro Offices, you will experience greater work efficiency, exceptional client support, and business growth and stability. We make it our goal to help every start-up and entrepreneur succeed in their business.

Regardless of the work culture and style you have in your business, we have the office solution to meet your needs. Call us at (703) 871-5208 today for more information on our workspace solutions.


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