Going Creative, Shared and Wireless for a “Cool” Office

Going Creative, Shared and Wireless for a “Cool” Office

For any company, an office is so much more than just a place to work. Because a considerable amount of time is spent in your herndon office space, it can be considered as your second home—a place to brainstorm not only about professional matters but personal ones as well. It can be a launchpad to do something stimulating every day.

So what makes a really “cool” office? Metro Offices lists three characteristics:


A cool office is a place that can inspire those working in it. Some appreciate a clean and uncluttered style, while others prefer an all-out approach, like a themed conference room. Other people even embrace an artisanal, hand-constructed look. By making your workplace look fun and exciting, you channel a warmth that can motivate employees to improve their performance.


Out with the old and in with the new. Shared office setups continue to gain acceptance, especially for start-ups. Why? They’re more cost-effective, easier to network, very flexible, ideal for building communities, and big on collaboration. On top of these, many office spaces are located in the heart of business regions. Metro Offices opened an office in Herndon, which is right next to the Dulles Toll Road.


These days, access to the Internet and technology is important. A lot of entrepreneurs, start-up business owners, and even conventional workers do transactions and communications online. Bringing your desktop computer and wired Internet connectivity wherever you need to go can be a hassle. With laptops, tablets and smart phones comes the expedient benefits of wireless technology. With wireless Internet, you can e-mail, prepare reports, and create presentations from anywhere and at any time.

This also paves the way for Internet-based computing, more commonly known as cloud computing. This involves the distribution of applications, servers, and storage to several other computers and devices online.

A cool office can make for a more efficient and productive business. We want to help you discover what works for you in your office space in herndon, va. Metro Offices provides a variety of office spaces, meeting rooms, and community spaces for your unique office space needs.

If you’re ready to give a cool workspace a try, just call us today at (703) 871-5208.


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