How To Decorate Your Washington DC Office Space

How To Decorate Your Washington DC Office Space


Having your own Washington DC office space has many perks, but you might find it a bit challenging when it comes to personalizing a shared office space. You want the office to reflect your style and personality, but you may be a bit limited as to what you are allowed to do.

Below are some easy suggestions that will allow you to feel more “at home” when in the office:

Plants are great for personalizing your space! Greenery is pleasing to the eye and easy to move around. You can get some that require very little maintenance. Not to mention, plants help keep the air clean because they remove toxic air emissions.

Rugs are another easy and transferrable accessory. If you want to be more expressive, you can do that through a bold rug. Or create a more earthy feel with a bamboo one. You have many options when it comes to rugs, and each one can add style to your space!

If you’re anything like me, you agree that fluorescent lighting is not the best thing in the world. You can opt to keep the lights off, and bring in a few desk and floor lamps to make up your atmosphere of light. Lamps have a cozier feel than overhead lighting and can really make your office a more comfortable place.

People often don’t realize how much books add to the décor of an office. Your favorite career – related books can be stacked on a shelf to be ready at your disposal, or you can stack them right on your desk and put some picture frames or a vase with flowers on top of them.

Bring in your own docking system for your iPod. Or you can purchase some wireless speakers that will let you play online radio stations like Pandora all day.

What are some other ideas you have for decorating a temporary office space in Washington DC? Leave us a comment below with your suggestions!


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