How To Raise An Entrepreneur

How To Raise An Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur , you already understand the value of being self-employed and making your own rules. The benefits – setting your own hours, choosing your service/product to sell, and even selecting who you work with, are all characteristics of the independence you desire as a business owner.

But what about your children? I’m sure most of our clients would agree that instilling these kinds of values in their children is a critical part of their parenting. So how do you raise children to explore, experiment and achieve success in their own way, too?

  • Offer your help. Children are still untainted by the world and are able to activate very powerful ideas and imaginations. Take Cassidy Goldstein, who at 14 created the Crayon Holder that is now sold in Wal-mart and other stores around the country. She had an idea for improving a product – finding a way to use broken crayons – but required the help of her parents to patent the idea and gain a presence in the market. Planning to facilitate the logistics of this process is a great way to be involved with your child.
  • Back off. Your child may run across obstacles that have a clear solution to you, but don’t step in to save the day immediately. It’s very important to let your child navigate these waters alone. When your child is able to use their problem-solving skills to find an answer, it will give them a confidence boost and empower them in their every day lives.
  • Encourage them to be problem solvers. Let’s face it – the great inventions of the world are few and far between, as are the legendary faces behind them. Teaching your children the art of problem solving is how things get invented or improved, since they take something that has flaws and make it better. Challenge your children to exercise their solution-oriented muscles.

Implementing these three components into your family life may help encourage you to raise little entrepreneurs of your own.

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