Location: Positioning Your Start-Up Business for Success

Location: Positioning Your Start-Up Business for Success

There are many things you should consider when starting a business. As a lot of start-up ventures often begin at home, finding a great place for a company usually takes the back burner until it’s time to expand.

Whether you’re looking for an office rental in Washington DC or the surrounding Metro DC area to start or expand a business, remember that location is important. Here’s why:

Create a Good Impression

If you meet with clients in person more often than talk to them over the phone or via online messaging applications, having an office can help you make a better impression. Don’t settle with having meetings in a coffee shop or at your home.

Having a company address in one of the country’s reputable districts tells your clients that you mean business. With your own office, you can talk to clients without being bothered by noisy coffee drinkers or your kids needing your attention while you’re in the middle of a meeting.

Get the Exposure You Need

As a start-up business, you need all the exposure you can get. You can achieve this by putting your company out there, where people can see and access it easily. If you’re content with keeping your business at home, you may be missing many opportunities.

One of the strategies some start-up companies use is choosing a location as close to their competitors as possible. Why? Your competitors (especially the big ones) have invested time in studying the regional demographics. Chances are that location is also a place where you’re nearest to your target market.

Being in a place where the major players are also changes the way clients and customers see your business. It puts you on equal footing with these big players, at least when it comes to having the perfect business address. This doesn’t mean, however, that you don’t need to conduct your own research on a possible business location.

Benefit from Your Location’s Unique Features

The unique features of a city or a community can help boost your company’s status and even revenue.

When considering a place for your business, think about the advantages the location can offer. If you’re working with government agencies, for example, having an office in the nation’s capital gives you a bigger advantage than other companies as you’re more accessible to your clients than they are.

Your location can make or break your business. Don’t make hasty decisions when choosing the right place for your company. Take time to assess the district, the community, and the features of the office you plan to rent or buy.

To learn more about the importance of finding the best location for your business, get in touch with Metro Offices. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we can help you find the right office space for lease in Washington DC or the surrounding area. Call us at (703) 871-5208 or fill out our contact form today.

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