Make Your Mark: Tips on Acing Your Presentation

Make Your Mark: Tips on Acing Your Presentation

Whether your presentation will make a mark or be easily forgotten lies in its content and your delivery. The effectiveness of your presentation comes from how you deliver it in that moment and from how well you prepared for it.

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Metro Offices, a leading provider of workspace solutions in Ballston, VA and the entire Metro DC area, lists some pre-game strategies for a successful presentation:

Outline a Framework of Key Points

Create an outline of the main points you wish to convey during the course of the presentation. Start with one key point, which will serve as your thesis or your presentation goal. All your other points should exist solely to support it and drive it home.

Don’t write out full paragraphs—create bullet points instead. This skeletal framework will prove useful during the latter part of the process.

Research the Audience

Get to know your audience. How many people will be there? Are they mostly male or female? How old are they? What positions do they hold? How are they relevant to your work?

It is necessary for your audience to understand everything, from the elements of your project they will find most appealing to the jokes they’ll be able to relate to. This will help you create the tone, position, and direction of your presentation and save you from saying anything inappropriate.

Research the Venue

Are you going to deliver your presentation in one of your company’s private offices in Ballston, VA or in a fully loaded auditorium? The size and formality of your venue, the size of your audience, and even the resources and equipment available to you should help shape your presentation. You can’t have one universal presentation and hope it can be appropriate for all venues. It pays to do your research and build your presentation around it.

From virtual venues to IT services and more, Metro Offices has what it takes to help you deliver your presentation with flying colors. Call us today at (703) 871-5208 to learn more about our services!


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