Managing the 4 Most Difficult Workplace Personalities

Managing the 4 Most Difficult Workplace Personalities

As a business leader, it is inevitable that you will encounter a few difficult personality types throughout your career. What is the best way to manage these individuals?

 Workplace Personalities

Metro Offices is an experienced provider of office space for rent in Arlington, VA, and across DC and MD. As workplace experts, we are here to discuss what difficult personality types look like and how best to approach them.

  1. Narcissists: Characterized by their massive egos, narcissists are the opposite of team players. They tend to be hypersensitive to criticism, so giving them direct, negative feedback about their work may not be effective. We suggest a more positive approach. Sit down with them in our member lounges and tell them specific things they can do to help contribute to the company’s growth.
  2. Gossips: Some amount of gossip is unavoidable in most workplaces, but too much gossip can create a toxic environment. The best way to protect your office space in Arlington, VA, from excessive drama is to avoid participating in such gossip. It’s also worth noting that people who love gossiping often have good people skills. We suggest working with these employees to channel their extroverted nature into more productive avenues, like hitting higher sales targets or improving relations with a new client.
  3. Guilt Trippers: These people are never at fault and always find a way to blame someone else anytime a problem arises with their work. Use our private offices spaces to talk to them one-on-one. Avoid letting them vent about other employees; instead steer the conversation to focus on the guilt tripper’s own performance.
  4. Passive-Aggressive Types: Passive-aggressive people rarely say what they mean. If they are unhappy with something in the workplace, they will express their dissatisfaction in a roundabout way rather than being direct. The smartest thing to do is to set clear and precise expectations for them, and to encourage them to communicate with you openly and directly about any concerns they have. Our FlexDesk® solutions can help these employees overcome personal barriers and increase their productivity.

For more expert tips like these, consult Metro Offices, the leading provider of office space in Arlington, VA. We can help you assess the situation and take the actions that will enhance both morale and productivity in your office. To get started, call us at (703) 871-5208 or complete our form today.

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