Meet and Greet: Utilizing Convenient Meeting Rooms in Washington DCMeet and Greet: Utilizing Convenient Meeting Rooms in DC

Meet and Greet: Utilizing Convenient Meeting Rooms in Washington DCMeet and Greet: Utilizing Convenient Meeting Rooms in DC

A growing number of companies have tried remote office setups in a bid to reduce operational costs, with mostly successful results thus far. Thanks to various advancements in information and communication technology, employees can take their work pretty much anywhere and remain connected with each other. Justin Jackson’s recent article on The Next Web discusses the various advantages of being able to work outside of a conventional office setting.


Remote work, in an office

Remote work doesn’t have to happen in a coffee shop, or at home (surrounded by screaming kids). For example, I work from a small rented office in downtown Vernon. It’s a private office, and it costs $200 per month. The cheapest I could find in Edmonton was $550 per month.

Now take this to a larger company scale, like IBM, for one. Since allowing remote work, the company sold a 58 million square feet commercial space for a profit of $1.9 billion. This downsizing saved the company $100 million a year.

These days, quite a number of small or startup businesses also find it more practical to rent meeting rooms in Washington, DC rather than spend on short-term or long-term office space leases that can eat into company profits. For instance, those with limited space in their offices can simply book spacious meeting rooms at nearby facilities where they can conduct video conferences or presentations in a secure and professional setting. Such facilities are typically equipped with high-speed web access, projectors, speaker phones, and comfortable seating to ensure hassle-free functions.

In short, you don’t need to invest in costly equipment or take on another commercial real estate lease when you can simply book Washington, DC meeting rooms as needed. What’s also great about such facilities is that you can rely on their in-house technical support staff whenever you need assistance with setting up audiovisual equipment for a presentation or a video conference with an important client. Likewise, workplace solutions providers such as Metro Offices provide a wide range of administrative and business support solutions—such as phone answering, concierge, and virtual receptionist services, among other things—for your convenience.

(Article Excerpt and Image from How working remotely changed my life (and change yours, too), The Next Web, November 1, 2013) 


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