Metro Offices: Startup Trends of 2015

Metro Offices: Startup Trends of 2015

There are so many innovations in today’s information technology that companies are banking on these advances. This year is said to be no different, according to Andreessen Horowitz, one of the top venture capital firms in the world. For a company that invested in successful startups like Slack, Buzzfeed, and Instacart, their opinion certainly carries a lot of weight.

Start up Trends

Affordable and innovative office space and workspace solutions in Washington, DC and the Metro DC area are becoming essential for today’s start-ups, thanks to Metro Offices. What other startup treands are we seeing this year?

Full-Stack Startup – Technology makes our lives move faster by decreasing the amount of time needed for various tasks. With the growing number of apps, operating systems, and other technology layers to manage, it can be overwhelming to manage technology. Full stack means that a tech company integrated all these while making sure the customer is in complete control of each aspect.

Online Marketplaces – Internet shopping has been around for some time. But constant online shopping innovations are pushing brick and mortar stores to the brink. It is becoming faster and more convenient to shop, purchase and receive items all online vs running to the store.

Data Security – The controversy that involved the hacking into accounts and leaking private celebrity photos resulted in quite a wake up call for both anyone who uses the internet as well as those whose services deal with security. Private photos and other files on laptops, mobile phones, and other devices are always at risk of being hacked. This makes data security one of essential demands in IT. Online security providers are now one of the most sought-after businesses, and will likely remain so for years to come.

With so many trends to ride on this year, you have numerous ways to succeed in your future endeavors. Your startup will certainly need a Metro DC office space that could ensure a stable and secure Internet connection and network. Metro Offices provides top office and technology solutions from strategic locations in DC, VA and MD. We can also provide a range of options for your office needs, including private/semiprivate offices, team spaces, day offices, hotdesking, hoteling and more.

We also offer video conferencing services in Washington DC and the surrounding areas, perfect for meetings with clients from other states or from other countries. With our virtual office option, you can have a unique workstyle that would work well for your business needs.

Call Metro Offices today and know more about our company, offices spaces, and our services.


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