Nearly Abandoned DC Office Parks Linked to a Shift in Work Styles

Nearly Abandoned DC Office Parks Linked to a Shift in Work Styles

vacant office buildingThe suburban office park is dying a slow death, according to the Washington Post. A recent article by Dan Zak notes that business centers with once-sought-after office space for lease in Washington, DC, are now vacant green oases in the urban landscape, “hobbled by changing work styles and government shrinkage.” Real estate experts estimate there are 71.5 million square feet of vacant office space in the DC area alone, much of it contained in office parks – with millions more square feet projected to come onto the market over the next several years.

Wanted: Urban, Metro-Accessible Offices

Zak’s article places the cause of the trend away from office parks squarely on a change in work styles. He notes that younger workers gravitate toward a more urban environment with a sense of community, easy access to the Metro and the conveniences of the city within a short walk – far from the isolated suburban corporate campus accessible only by car. Mobile-friendly work options such as telecommuting and hotdesking are allowing companies to reduce their square footage per workstation and subsequently shrink the size of the office.

It’s a shift that Metro Offices has long predicted, and long been accommodating. At each of our 10 urban workspaces located in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland, we offer the ideal combination of flexible office space, technology, communications and social interaction to support the ever-changing needs of your business. Our solutions are customizable, scalable and designed to help you and your team achieve excellence.  Our newest center, Tysons at Greensboro Station Place, was strategically situated near the Silver Line for quick and convenient commutes.

Join Us in a New Way to Work

Metro Offices’ business model is further validated by statistics released by financial and professional services firm JLL, that show commercial leasing in the DC area was up 16% in the second quarter of 2015, particularly in mid-size buildings that are attracting nonprofits and start-ups.

There is no longer a one-size-fits-all workspace solution. Call Metro Offices at (703) 871-5208 and tell us how you’ll work today.



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