Need a Fairfax Office Space? The Importance of Location to Businesses

Starting a business is a dream for many Americans. More likely than not though, first-time entrepreneurs will start small and their limited budget means not just any available office space will do. If you treat office location as an afterthought though, you might end up paying more in the long run, as this article reveals:

“State – Income taxes and sales taxes vary greatly from state to state, as do regulatory requirements. Is the state you live in friendly to entrepreneurship? To the specific type of business you want to run? Now might be the time to consider a move if it isn’t, or possibly to open your business in a nearby state if you live near a state line. The Small Business Survival Index ranks the various U.S. states on how friendly they are to small business.

City – Rent and other costs, availability of labor, taxes, regulations and government economic incentives can also vary greatly from city to city, even within the same state. Or maybe a small town is the perfect spot for your business.”

choosing a location for your business

Beyond saving money in the long term, the following considerations also highlight the importance of proper office location:

Accessibility to Employees

While buying or renting an office space is a considerable investment, your company’s top asset is still manpower. However, even the most qualified applicant might turn down your offer if your business location is too out of their way. Fortunately, companies like Metro Offices have available office space in Fairfax, VA that is ideally located at the junction of Interstate 66 and Route 50.

Customers and Competitors

If your company provides good products or services to customers, your office location is of utmost importance. While you might establish an office anywhere in the city, you want it to be near your potential customers, the lifeblood of any business. Another consideration is proximity to competitors; your business might struggle to thrive if there’s already too much competition in the area.


Similar to houses, offices are also judged by their addresses. This may sound like a superficial consideration, but your office location leaves a certain impression on applicants and clients alike that determines for them if they’ll want to work with you in the future. Of course, renting a posh office space in Fairfax, VA is not an option for smaller businesses, but some companies offer virtual offices that give you an attractive address while handling all your calls and mail correspondence. Metro Offices, for instance, has convenient locations throughout, offering a range of virtual office solutions; whenever you’re ready, the company can set you up in minutes.


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