Of Space and Pace: Obtaining Flexible Office Space in Herndon, VA

Of Space and Pace: Obtaining Flexible Office Space in Herndon, VA

A countdown of notable business stories for the year 2013 appears in a December 30, 2013 article on the Washington Post website. Many influential events have transpired in the region and in nearby Virginia, some of which could even turn into trends that local businesses will strive to emulate in the near future. For instance, the article notes an interesting shift in office space use among a number of local businesses during the previous year:

“The cubicle farm is being put out to pasture as many Washington area employers ditched the office set-up in favor of open and flexible work space.

Perhaps the most prominent example is the General Services Administration, which opened a revamped headquarters on F Street NW in July. In a model known as “hoteling,” staffers don’t have assigned desks, they simply reserve one for the hours that they need it.

The move to adaptable work spaces is often tied to a desire to cut costs: It provides a way for companies to reduce their real estate footprints and save money on utility bills.

Nixon Peabody, for example, signed a 15-year lease on a new office at the corner of Ninth and H Street NW that is to be 30 percent smaller than the law firm’s current digs.”

Indeed, flexible workplace setups are the future of offices everywhere due to the distinct advantages. A shared office configuration, in particular, can facilitate employee collaboration, foster better working relationships, and even boost productivity through the synergistic setting. Startup companies, as well as those looking to streamline their administrative and operational functions, can use shared offices where convenient amenities like meeting rooms, reception areas, virtual clubs, and receptionist services are available at reasonable rates.

top stories in the dc area business community in 2013

Meanwhile, as convenient as shared office spaces may be, each unit has to be properly furnished with essential features like high-speed internet access, video conferencing, call screening, and the like. Companies looking to try something similar for their operations can turn to a reliable Herndon, VA office space provider, such as Metro Offices, which, besides offering leading edge work space solutions for today’s business executive, is also conveniently located in prime office locations across Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. In Herndon, VA, Metro Offices is right in the region’s “technology corridor” where it is accessible to everything—and everyone.

In any case, businesses should carefully consider the options available, as well as their specific needs before signing the lease. You can count on a fully equipped Herndon office space for your business, or set to work through trusted workspace solutions providers, such as Metro Offices. Metro Offices offers a range of virtual office programs, from mail and calls forwarding services to virtual receptionist and Internet and technology-equipped virtual office rooms, so you could do your job efficiently with the least amount of capital—and worries.


(Article Information and Image from Top stories in the D.C. area business community in 2013, The Washington Post, December 30, 2013) 


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