Productivity Tip: Let Your Employees Set their Own Schedules

Productivity Tip: Let Your Employees Set their Own Schedules

Getting your team to produce at their maximum isn’t the easiest thing to do. Employers have tried many things from free beverages and food to free gym memberships. According to research, another option is simple and far less costly: let your employees set their own work schedules.

Productivity Tip: Let Your Employees Set their Own Schedules | Metro Offices

In this article, Metro Offices—a workspace company in Washington, DC—looks at the impact of self-managed working time as well as the risks you’ll need to expect.

The freedom of time

It’s understandable for businesses to be skeptical about letting employees set their own schedules and paces. After all, couldn’t that freedom be abused? Surprisingly, a study conducted in Germany has found that workers whose bosses allowed them to set their own start and end times—and even regulate their times off—actually put in an impressive 7.5 hours of work beyond their contractual obligations.

What’s the deal?

Try to recall the last time you had to adhere to a very strict schedule. No doubt you’ll think of your days in school, with rigid and regulated class schedules coming to mind. Back then, it was necessary given that you were still young and needed to learn discipline. As an adult, however, what once enforced order may now feel restricting. Being free of the nine-to-five grind and allowing employees to pursue their work with a passion borne of choice allows them to meet and exceed all kinds of expectations—even their own.

The caveat emptor

Of course, this comes with a very important warning: to implement this properly, you will need to be confident in the level of trust you have in your employees. If not, you might end up being unable to meet your quotas or requirements for a week. Your Washington, DC office space will benefit greatly from this if the ultimate goal of setting a free schedule is clearly explained and all expectations are managed properly. It’s the kind of plan that requires everyone to be on board and completely focused.

For that plan to succeed, businesses like Metro Office can lend you a hand. We can provide you with everything you need to create an environment conducive to productivity, such as quality furniture, team spaces, and even utilities. With our help, you can be sure that no matter when your employees work, they’ll be able to work at their best. Give Metro Offices a call today at (703) 871-5208.


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