Serving Boomers, Millennials, and Generation Z

Serving Boomers, Millennials, and Generation Z

Different age groups frequently have different wants, needs, and preferences. This can make marketing difficult for those who sell products and services to a client base with a wide age range.

What do Baby Boomers want? What about Millennials? Or Generation Z?

Marketing to Baby Boomers

Assuming you are marketing a product or service that people of any age can use, it’s good to put a fair amount of effort into courting Baby Boomers, as this is the group with the most money. The youngest Baby Boomers are 53, and the oldest are 72. They are retired or looking to retire soon, and they have lots of disposable income. advises marketers that Boomers need time to trust a new product or service, and not to expect to make sales quickly and easily. You’ll have to work up to twice as long to succeed here.

Also, consider altering your printed materials for this age group. They don’t have short attention spans, so they’re willing to read more text. This means you get a chance to push more information at them, so don’t waste it by reducing your pitch to something that can be digested in a 3-second glance.

Marketing to Millennials

Millennials, on the other hand, invented the short attention span, or at least what it has become today. They’re plugged into multiple devices whenever they’re awake. Forbes suggests the best way to reach them is to advertise on different platforms. If you can’t get them one way, then get them another.

Forbes says Millennials are also brand-loyal, and the way to capitalize on this is through social media. They don’t buy before seeing what everyone else is saying about your product or service, so review sites and any form of user-generated content is the norm for this group.

Marketing to Generation Z

Generation Z doesn’t have much money. Many of them are still in college, and those who are out have just started their careers.

According to an article in Precision Dialogue, Generation Z is B.S. averse and doesn’t trust major brands. They’re much more apt to choose a product or service that’s socially responsible than one with familiar golden arches.

They also value realism. They don’t want to see airbrushed models, they want to see people who look like them doing things that they do.

Bottom line: When marketing to them, be real, honest, concise and green — you might make more sales.

Office Space

While different tactics can be used for different age groups, the key to successful marketing is knowing your target audience and meeting their expectations when and where your customers are.

By following advice like this, your business is sure to grow, and when it does, you will need more office space. New companies often start out working from home. Sometimes wherever you sit with your laptop and phone can be considered your virtual office.

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