Spotlight on Woman Owned Businesses

Spotlight on Woman Owned Businesses

If you’ve been following our article page, then you know we have been covering everything about the certification and application process of becoming a woman owned business. It’s scary and daunting and will steal all of your free time like a greedy little monster. But doing the work to start your own company and become certified can also reward you with more time with your family and greater life satisfaction.

I really want to spotlight a handful of cool ladies who have gone through this, and show why it’s so worth the effort. It’s encouraging to see that anyone can do this; you just have to have determination, perseverance, and one great idea to run with. Hopefully this will encourage you to find the strength to take more risks with your business, too.

Here are a few women that Inc. Magazine has singled out for 2011:

Vicky Thompson, President and CEO of Valuation Management Group

  • Vicky started in the appraisal business in 1993 and worked her way to Vice President of Operations before starting her own company. She had to learn how to operate on little capital, but can now boast a revenue of $25.4 million

Veronica Edwards, President and CEO of InGenesis Diversified Healthcare Solutions

  • Veronica started a telecommunications staffing company that focuses on the healthcare industry. She also serves as a director on many medical boards and speaks to high school students about the importance of careers in healthcare. Her company’s 2010 revenue was $52 million

Christine Do, CEO of Soft Tech Consulting

  • Christine was forced out of Saigon when she was 17, due to repercussions from the Vietnam War. Her family settled in a small town in upstate New York, which Do claims is the best thing that could have happened to her family. Her company provides technology consulting services in the Washington DC area. She was also named one of the Top 10 Asian Entrepreneurs.
    2010 Revenue – $7.4 million


Economy be damned; some of these businesses have shown an average growth rate between 2,000% and 16,000%. I think it’s so important to always keep in mind that no matter what the headlines say about how grim our futures may be, there are always exceptions to the rule. It could be you. Read about the rest of the ladies here. 





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