Technology Services: Helping You Keep Up at Work

Technology Services: Helping You Keep Up at Work

Securing access to information is one of the necessities in keeping up with the constantly changing and competitive world of business. In the past decade, gaining access to information meant setting up and buying costly infrastructure. Today, there is a way to enjoy the latest technology without having to break the bank for it.

Metro Offices, a leading “workspace as a service” company, has tech-ready spaces for companies of all sizes. Whether you need a virtual office or a workspace on demand, you can get what you need with enterprise-grade technology solutions.

Here are technology services you can enjoy when you get work spaces or virtual offices in Washington DC with us:

IT Help Desk

Reduce downtime with the help of our trained and experience IT professionals.

You’ll never have to figure things out on your own and waste precious time troubleshooting network, hardware, and software problems. We will assist you in all of your computer support needs, including the troubleshooting and maintenance of Microsoft Windows as well as printer setup. We can also help you retrieve lost data, replace hardware, and reinstall computer programs. We also provide software and hardware recommendations to ensure your company can work at optimum level.

Unified Communications Solutions

Communication is an important factor in any type of business. Without the right tools and systems in place, it can also be very time-consuming. Fortunately, you can consolidate communications into an easy-to-use interface with our unified communications solutions. You will be able to manage calls and queues effectively to increase your efficiency.

With our services, you can add about two hours of productivity in your day, as our collaboration tools can accelerate business processes effortlessly. You can get in touch with your employees, vendors, clients, and customers easily anytime, anywhere.

Cloud Computing

As many things are stored in the cloud these days, there’s no reason for your company not to do the same. Worried about security and data loss? At Metro Offices, we have virtual private servers (VPS) that adapt to your business needs in a secure environment.

Data Center Services

A data center is a serious investment, especially for a growing company. With Metro Offices, you won’t have to spend a fortune on data center services and facilities. You can benefit from our Tier III Data Center by using our Washington DC virtual office, shared office, or workspace on demand.

With our reliable services, you can rest assured that your company data are always protected. You also won’t have to worry about needing additional storage space as you get unlimited storage data. Furthermore, we provide disaster recovery service so you won’t lose important data.

Web Development and Hosting

Need to establish your online presence but don’t know how? Metro Offices offers a range of digital marketing options that suit your needs. We’ll build your website and help you be on top of search results with our search engine optimization service. You can also improve your customer reach through our social media and mobile application services.

There are endless opportunities for your business. Let Metro Offices help you reach your goals through our technology services. Contact us for more information on our services and office centers in Metro Center, Farragut, and Connecticut Avenue. We also offer services in Arlington, Herndon, Fairfax, McLean, and Reston in Virginia and Chevy Chase in Maryland.

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