The Importance of Job Titles for Improving Employee Performance

The Importance of Job Titles for Improving Employee Performance

Job titles are often printed on business cards, resumes, and on LinkedIn pages. They typically just give you an idea of what a person does for a living. Some, however, see them as an opportunity to be creative and affect others positively.

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Over the past decade, London Business School Professor Dan Cable has come to view job titles as an efficient tool for improving workers’ attitudes and productivity. Metro Offices, a leading provider of fully furnished meeting rooms in Washington, DC, elaborates on this subject.

Why Does Your Job Title Matter?

The traditional perspective on job titles is that they are just there for standardization and benchmarking. Titles, however, tend to send the wrong signals and discourage attracting applicants. Based on their first-hand observation and in-depth interviews with employees, Cable and his colleagues found out how using creative titles helped them do their jobs better.

Psychological Effects of Using Creative Job Titles

According to Cable, brainstorming and implementing unique job titles can have a positive effect on a person’s psyche. It helps people reduce stress and focus on the more meaningful aspects of their jobs. For instance, employees of a local chapter of the Make-a-Wish Foundation were encouraged to create fun titles in place of their official ones. The change helped them cope with the emotional challenges of serving families of less-fortunate children.

The research of the same team in a hospital chain revealed that those who used new titles felt more validated. They also felt more motivated and have lower levels of emotional exhaustion. One can say that brainstorming in a conducive meeting space in Washington, DC, and using creative titles can make a big difference in how an employee delivers.

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