The Pros and Cons of Virtual Office Spaces

The Pros and Cons of Virtual Office Spaces

There are many advantages and certain disadvantages seen in working with a virtual office in Maryland. Overhead costs are less for employers, and employees can avoid costs associated with daily commutes. On the other hand, time management can be a chore and monitoring could prove to be a difficult task.


What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Virtual Offices and Telecommuting


When going for this kind of setup, small business owners are faced with a number of challenges. They are forced to wear many different hats in that they often have to figure out logistics for management, human resources, and leadership. However, when done correctly, this type of working environment can prove to be extremely beneficial to any type of practice. The Houston Chronicle published an article that made an excellent statement regarding the viability of virtual office space in Maryland:


Productivity Levels

A greater part of the day can be devoted to job duties, projects and other work-related responsibilities because commuting time is eliminated. In some densely populated areas, commuters spend upwards of 10 hours each week just going to and from work. Telecommuters could put to use the saved time by dedicating more of their time to office work, or to achieving a work life balance by spending time with family. Employees from the younger generations of workers–Generation X and Generation Y, in particular–find virtual work a tremendous benefit. Virtual offices and telecommuting offer flexibility, and the comfort of being able to work independently without conforming to work rules, such as a dress code and traditional work hours. Telecommuting is appealing to some workers because it prevents the often unnecessary and unwelcome interruptions by co-workers and managers that can impede productivity and attentiveness.

A virtual office can be used to host important meetings with clients at a prime office location while the day-to-day activities are done in more comfortable areas, which will improve the company’s overall efficiency. In the end, the pros and cons are highly dependent on the nature of the work and the willingness of the people to adapt. If you’re interested in this kind of arrangement, contact Metro Offices to get a head start. We have all the industry knowledge and experience to help you and your business succeed in any kind of setting.


(Article Excerpt and Image from What are the advantages & disadvantages of virtual offices and telecommuting? The Houston Chronicle, April 11, 2014)

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