Things to Consider When Preparing for Your Big Meeting

Things to Consider When Preparing for Your Big Meeting

Your readiness for any professional gathering will reflect how much effort and commitment you put into your company. The more preparations you make before the meeting, the more effective and confident you will be. Creating a meeting prep checklist will help you be more organized. Metro Offices, the  premier meeting space provider, lists four things to consider when planning for your big meeting.

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1. Purpose and Sequence

Whether your team needs to make a collective decision or you simply want to inform them about a new initiative, be clear with your intention. Identifying the purpose of your meeting is a crucial step for it will direct all of the other elements. You should should develop a preliminary agenda that will feature the general sequence of the meeting.

2. Participants

Invite people who can help you accomplish your goals. Assign specific roles – such as facilitator, scribe, timekeeper, contributor and expert – to promote engagement. You should also figure out how many people will participate. Send them the invitation and preliminary agenda prior to the date of the meeting.

3. Date and Venue

Finalize when and where you will hold the meeting. It is ideal to book your meeting space a few days before your conference for convenience.

Metro Offices’ meeting rooms are ideal for team meetings, interviews, speaking engagements, training and small trade shows. All our meeting rooms are also easy to reserve. By using Metro Offices’ 24/7 online booking system, you’ll have access to more than 55 meeting rooms in Washington, DC.

4. Equipment

You wouldn’t want to be disrupted by any technical glitches on the day of your big meeting. Check and confirm the availability of any necessary tools or equipment that you will use. This logistical aspect is something you can’t overlook.

At Metro Offices, our meeting rooms come with fast internet connection, wifi, cable and internet-ready flat screen monitors, high-resolution overhead projector, whiteboards and flip charts. We also offer high-tech video conferencing solutions for remote meetings. To learn more about our office and meeting spaces, call us at (877) 842-6999. We serve Washington, DC, and nearby areas.

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