Must-Read Blogs for Entrepreneurs | Business Tips

Must-Read Blogs for Entrepreneurs | Business Tips

Summer is in full swing, days are getting warmer and longer, and flowers and trees are beautifully in bloom. Ordinarily that would mean the start of outdoor activities, festivals, and sporting events.

This year, however, is anything but ordinary. Despite some good news about a potential coronavirus vaccine and the fact that all 50 states have started reopening following the COVID-19 outbreak, many events and extracurriculars remain canceled through summer nationwide, leaving millions of Americans with some serious free time on their hands.

To fill some of it, why not take a page from your pre-TV ancestors and get reading? Below, we list and give the lowdown on three of our favorite entrepreneur-geared blogs. Whether you’ve started your own business, are thinking about it, or are just interested in entrepreneurship, these sites are sure to expand your horizons.

Women on Business

As the name reveals, this blog is geared toward women in business, but the pieces it offers and suggestions it gives are often applicable to a much wider swath of businesspeople. Founded in 2007, the blog’s goal “is to see that power grow and to broaden the online discussion between today’s male and female business thought leaders,” according to the site. It’s owned by  Susan Gunelius, president and CEO of marketing communications company KeySplash Creative Inc.

Article titles featured on the site at the time of this writing include “Event Industry is Facing Challenges to Survive this Crisis” and “6 Internet Providers That Can Help Your Business Grow.” Visit the blog at

Gary Vaynerchuk

If you’re an entrepreneur yourself or have done much research on starting your own enterprise, you’ve probably heard of Gary Vaynerchuk. A serial entrepreneur and the chairman of communications holding company VaynerX, the Belarusian-born businessman started out in money-making young, selling lemonade as a 7-year-old and then baseball cards in high school. As an adult, he helped transform his father’s local liquor store into an online success.

Vaynerchuk’s self-promoting, tell-all personality has earned him a huge following. You can access his business advice and tips on marketing and social media success for free at, his tidbit-focused blog for the busy.

Seth’s Blog

Seth Godin is another well-known personality in the marketing and entrepreneurship space. The author of nearly 20 books about business, Godin was the brains behind the term “purple cow,” shorthand for an item or action created by a company to make it stand out from competitors. (It’s also the title of one of Godin’s bestsellers.) Seth’s blog, as it’s simply known, is chock-full of free content geared toward entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs, and people in general, including podcast episodes, posts on interesting studies,  short, inspirational advice about worrying, links to interviews with Godin, and e-books.

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