Tips for Working in a Shared Office Space

Tips for Working in a Shared Office Space

Innovations in office planning have led to the adoption of open office areas and shared office spaces. While these arrangements are designed to promote productivity, improve creativity, and encourage collaborative culture, some employees have difficulty adapting to this new style of working.

Shared Office Space

In today’s post, Metro Offices, the expert in shared office space in Washington DC, shares four etiquette tips for sharing office space:

  • Put Your Phones on Silent: What seems to be a discreet notification sound in a traditional office environment can be an annoying distraction in a shared office space. Put your phone on silent so it won’t distract your coworkers.
  • Use Small Conference Rooms for Privacy: As the leading choice for shared office space in Arlington, VA, all of our shared offices have designated spaces for quiet conversations and confidentiality. Take advantage of these areas to have worry-free discussions with your team members or to give your team a quieter working environment for special projects.
  • Make the Most of Your Shared Office Space: The open design gives you the freedom to move about and make your workday more dynamic. If you grow restless, moving to another area of the office space for a change of scene can rejuvenate you and spark your creativity. A shared office space encourages collaboration and brainstorming with members of different departments.
  • Don’t Assume Coworkers Want to Talk at All Times: Make sure to use your good judgment when talking to your coworkers. If you notice that they are intensely focused on their work, then you should come back later rather than disturbing them.

Metro Offices is the leading choice for Washington DC shared office space due to our combination of value, functionality, and community. Investing in our service will give you access to meeting rooms, cutting-edge technology, administrative assistants, furnished offices, and a wide range of business support services. Call us at (703) 871-5208 to learn more shared office space etiquette tips. You can also ask about our various workspace solutions.

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