Unified Communications – Metro Offices Technology Services, part 2

Unified Communications – Metro Offices Technology Services, part 2

Last week I began what is to be a series of blog posts that will cover the technology services you receive when you have a DC office space with Metro Offices. Our services have to be split into separate blogs because there is so much we offer! This week, we continue with Unified Communications, our way of streamlining your devices to make your work day as seamless as possible.


This solution package simplifies your life by allowing you to consolidate all of your communication devices into one program. Our interface is incredibly user friendly and will help you save time by giving you greater freedom in managing your productivity in a more efficient way:

  1. Productivity: With our interface, you can add up to two extra hours of time into your day because our system lets you streamline your business processes and connect you with all of your employees, clients and vendors all over the world
  2. Consolidate: take all of your contact information from your mobile, home phone and other devices and consolidate them on one platform.
  3. Device integration: you can reply to an email via a phone call or a text via an email – you choose! If you want to pull everyone into a conference call, you have that option as well. No matter where you are, you have access to these resources.

Click this link to see all the perks that come with our all-inclusive workstation.

We’ve got a few more options to talk about so don’t forget to stop by next week to read about our Data Center and what that entails.

If you’re interested in learning more about getting a space with Metro Offices, contact us here.


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