Virtual Office Services: Workspace Solutions in the Digital Age

Virtual Office Services: Workspace Solutions in the Digital Age

Virtual Office Spaces: Work in the Digital Age

To understand why a virtual office in DC is fast becoming an important tool for today’s businesses, you have to understand the nature of companies in this digital age. There was a time when it really was necessary to keep people working within a defined place and a defined time. The work focused on the production of certain things. The results were always something tangible.

Jumping Into the Digital Age

Today’s digital age versus yesterday’s industrial age is marked by a mainly service vs product-based end product. Because workers don’t have to be in one place at the same time to provide a service…and even to product a product…many businesses are offering flexible hours and work space arrangements.

Virtual Offices and the Future

Many companies are hesitant to adopt a new paradigm of full autonomy as recommended in the book Future Work: How Businesses Can Adapt and Thrive In The New World Of Work. An office that will allow employees to create their own work schedules will essentially have to keep their offices open 24/7—doubling or tripling costs from electricity to maintenance and security. A DC virtual office space is ideal in this scenario as it lets you control many variables and factors, including the services you need, workspace options you can use on demand and professional support.

Customized Offices and Business Services

Today companies can focus on productivity based on their needs without worrying about a standard 9-5 work shift—balancing costs while allowing employees flexible hours.

A virtual office is a versatile workspace solution that you can customize according to your business’ requirements. When you need a professional to answer and forward your calls, you can add a package such as Metro Connect Essentials into your service plan. If your business regularly needs a small meeting room where you and your team can collaborate more closely, you can get that with our More Space Essentials package. If you’re looking into working from a semi-private, professional business set-up, consider adding FlexDesk to your virtual office package.

There are many ways you can modify your package so you can create a working environment that supports collaboration, boost productivity and increases efficiency.

Metro Offices shares the vision of spaces built to serve a company’s needs as opposed to antiquated methods where businesses were limited by their physical office space specific working hours. With over 25 years of experience in the field, we can provide you and your company office space solutions that will allow you to thrive without overspending. Give us a call today— and let us help you choose the workspace solution that meets your needs.

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