Virtual Office Spaces for DC Government Contractors (Part 1)

Virtual Office Spaces for DC Government Contractors (Part 1)

Government contractors based out of DC are facing a number of workspace issues when it comes to completing their work, as more agencies are running out of room for the extra employees they are hiring. Virtual office solutions are no longer just an answer for travel-based workers who need a place to “make camp” while away from home. It is becoming more apparent that even locally based workers will benefit from this solution.

In the recent past, when government contractors were awarded a contract, they spent their time on site at the agency fulfilling their duties. As telework and the reduction of real estate space pressures are weighing down on Washington, contractors now are being told that they have to provide their own office space and technology to get their work done.

Where is the best place for these contractors to go in order to fulfill their obligations in a timely manner? Flexible solutions offered by shared office space include things like FlexDesks and Virtual Office Solutions that allow them to get their work done in the most efficient way while offsite. Metro Offices provides fully equipped office spaces with solid infrastructure, IT security and the redundancy these contractors require. These terms also include meeting and training rooms that give them the space to collaborate and meet with their teams as needed.

Another benefit with working from a shared workspace is that Metro Offices can match the government Agreement Terms. So if your contract is only for six months, you can sign a lease term for only six months with the option of renewal. Traditionally, real estate leases are 3-5 years and still require time for build out and installing networks. By opting for a shared office space, contractors are able to get started immediately, which gives them an edge on the competition.

Government contractors facing these kinds of issues and desiring flexibility and enterprise level technology would do well to consider working from an on demand workspace.

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