Washington Virtual Office Video Conferencing Personalities

Washington Virtual Office Video Conferencing Personalities

Video conferencing is the “not so” new way to maintain continuity in your business. I say “not so new” because it’s been around for a handful of years now, but so many companies using a DC meeting space still haven’t gotten on board with this technology yet.

Metro Offices meeting rooms in Washington DC provide high end technology so that you don’t have to invest your savings into pricey equipment. Our team will also handle everything related to the call, including set up and support.

Different personalities emerge during conference calls. Knowing how to “manage” these personalities is necessary for a productive call, especially if you have a large group. If you are facilitating the meeting, take a quick scan below to learn how to best guide each type during the meeting:


You are the person who leads the meeting. You tend to be dominating when it comes to the flow of the conversation, so it’s important to look for social cues from others as to when to quit speaking. You are very important because your strengths lie in making sure everyone understands the meeting objectives.


You are the classic ADHD case. At first you are completely engaged, then in another world the next moment. It’s tempting for you to pull out your Blackberry when the conversation doesn’t directly need your input, but be careful because everyone can see what you’re doing.


You contemplate everything before you respond. You choose your words carefully. That’s good! Just be sure you don’t look like you’re staring off into the abyss and ignoring everyone. Be conscious to remain alert and interested in what your colleagues are saying.


You are full of creative and bold ideas. Video conferencing gives you a terrific platform for presenting them, so don’t hold back when it comes to out of the box solutions you may have.


You are very realistic. You use your time wisely in any meeting, whether in person or via video, and would prefer to not waste any time discussing details that don’t pertain to the meeting objectives. Your personality is best for getting everyone back on track if they derail.


You are bursting with self-confidence and positive enthusiasm. Your infectious energy helps to maintain the flow of the meeting. Just try to be aware of social cues though as your excitement can get a bit overwhelming for others.

So…which type are you?

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